The World Oldest Serial Killer

2020-10-26 16:37:45 Written by Sarah





Baba Anujka was a serial murderer from the town of Vladimirovac, Yugoslavia (in Serbia). She killed at least 50 people and possibly as many as 150 in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was arrested in 1928 at age 90 and convicted to 15 years in prison in 1929 as an accomplice in two killings. She was released due to old age after spending eight years in jail.



Early  life and marriage:


Data is limited and questionable about Anujka's early life. According to some references, she was born in 1838 in Romania to a wealthy cattleman and shifted to Vladimirovac in the Banat Military Frontier province of the Austrian Empire around 1849. However, she said that she was born in 1836. She attended private school in Pančevo with kids from rich families and later resided in her father's home. She allegedly became a misanthropist at age 20 after being seduced by a young Austrian military officer; she contracted syphilis from him before he left her alone and broken-hearted. After that, she wanted privacy and started to express interest in medicine and chemistry. She could speak five languages. She wedded to a landowner named Pistol or di Pištonja with whom she had 11 children, only one of them was survived to adulthood. Her husband was much aged than she and died after 20 years of wedding. She continued to follow her chemistry researches even after his death.




Anujka made a laboratory in one part of her residence after her husband died, and she earned importance as a healer and herbalist in the late 19th century.

Due to this, she could survive comfortably as she had a large clientele. Selling a drug for anything from 2,000 to 10,000 dinars. 


She developed medicines and mixtures which would make soldiers ill sufficient to escape military duty, and she also sold poisonous mixtures that she marked "magic water" or "love potions". She sold the so-called "magic water" mainly to women with marriage difficulties; they would give the concoction to their husbands somehow, who would usually expire after about eight days.


Baba’s “magic water” had traces of arsenic in small percentages and plant poisons that were tough to detect. 


Her victims were usually fresh and healthy men. Her customers claimed that they didn’t realize her mixture was poison but that she had used magic to kill people. 


Baba was arrested in June 1928. However, her first trial was in June 1914 for giving poison for killings but she was acquitted. On 6th July 1929, Baba was convicted to 15 years in prison for her role in the Momirov homicides. 

Some news claims that she was released after 8 years due to her age and died 2 years later at the age of 100. Another report claims she was released from jail by German occupiers in 1941 and she died at home aged 104. 


It is very hard to find reality, but she is the cutest serial killer.