The Hello Kitty Murder Case

2020-11-05 11:56:02 Written by Ansar Ali



When a 14-year-old girl informed the police that she was being haunted by the spirit of a woman, they didn't believe her. But when she clarified who the woman was, they were stunned.

Hello Kitty Murder Mermaid Doll:


The Hello Kitty Murder mermaid doll, in which the cranium of Fan Man-yee was discovered.


In May of 1999, a 14-year-old girl came to a Hong Kong police station. She informed officers that for the past many weeks, she had been invariably haunted by the spirit of a woman who had been bound by electrical wire and tormented to death. The police officers called her a liar, rejecting her statements as nothing but dreams of teenage stupidity.


Their attention was piqued, however, when she clarified that the ghost was of a woman she’d had a hand in killing. Following the child back to a flat in the city’s rundown Kowloon district, they found that the girl’s dreams were very actual nightmares. Inside the flat, they found a big Hello Kitty doll with the decapitated cranium of a woman inside it.


The case was called "The Hello Kitty Murder" and was considered throughout Hong Kong as one of the most horrible crimes in history.


Early Life:

Fan Man-yee’s life was awful even before she was decapitated and her head stuffed inside a doll.


After being evacuated by her family as a child, she was raised in a girl’s home. By the time she was a youngster, she had formulated a drug obsession and was turning to prostitution to pay for her addiction. By 23, she had ensured a job as a hostess at a nightclub, though she was still struggling obsession.


In early 1997, Fan Man-yee met Chan Man-Lok, a 34-year-old socialite. The two greeted at the nightclub and found out they had something familiar. Fan Man-yee was a prostitute and a drug user and Chan Man-Lok was a pimp and a drug seller. Before long, Man-yee was a formal addition to Man-Lok's group, in expansion to his henchmen.


Later in 1997, desperate for money and drugs, Fan Man-yee stole Man-Lok's wallet and tried to make off with the $4,000 inside it. She hadn’t understood that Chan Man-Lok was the last individual she should have stolen from.


As soon as he saw his money was gone, Man-Lok recruited two of his henchmen, Leung Shing-Cho and Leung Wai-Lun, to kidnap Man-yee. He planned to compel her into prostitution for himself and take the cash she reaped as retaliation for the cash she had stolen from him. Before long, nonetheless, the plan had gotten out of hand.


The drug lord and his henchmen soon agreed that simply prostituting Fan Man-yee wasn’t going to be sufficient, and started tormenting her. They tied her up and whack her, and for over a month subjected her to several horrors: burning her skin, raping her, and urging her to eat human feces.


However the suffering of Fan Man-yee was terrifying enough, maybe more fearsome is the story of the 14-year-old girl who reported her massacre to the police. Not only was she credible for turning the torturers in, but she was one herself.


Known only as “Ah Fong,” likely a pseudonym given to her by the Hong Kong courts, the 14-year-old girl was a girlfriend of Chan Man-Lok's, however “girlfriend” was possibly a flexible term. In all probability, the girl was another one of his prostitutes.


At one point, when Ah Fong was touring the brutal trio in Man-Lok's flat, she glimpsed Man-Lok kick Man-yee 50 times in the skull. Ah, Fong then joined in, slamming Man-yee in the skull. However the elements of the importance of the torture caused by Ah Fong were not released, as part of her petition deal, they were no doubt substantial. When asked about them, she answered, “I had a feeling it was for fun.”


The Killing:


After a month of agony, Ah Fong found out that Fan Man-yee had perished overnight. Chan Man-Lok and his henchmen insisted that she had died from an overdose of methamphetamine that she had allocated herself, though most specialists believe it was her traumas that ultimately murdered her.


They only believe because there’s no way to understand for sure. After finding out she was lifeless, the henchmen strode Man-yee’s body to the apartment’s bathtub and dismembered her with a saw. Then, they simmered the individual chunks of her body to stop her from deteriorating and radiating the smell of crumbling flesh.


Using boiling water on the same stove on which they were cooking dinner, the murderers boiled the chunks of her body and eliminated them with the household’s trash.


Her head, nonetheless, they saved. After simmering it on the stove (and allegedly utilizing the same kitchen utensils to blend their meals that they did to move her head around) they fastened her boiled cranium into a big Hello Kitty mermaid doll. Also, they kept one of Fan Man-yee’s teeth and various inner organs that they stocked in plastic trash.


In insurance exchange (which she also likely earned in part because she was so young), Ah Fong confirmed against Chan Man-Lok and his two henchmen. In a try to alleviate herself of the haunting she contended to be encountering, she listed the torture that the three men put Fan Man-yee through.


However the story was so annoying many felt it could not probably be valid, the proof revealed by police was damming and frightening. The apartment in which Man-yee had been tortured was full of Hello Kitty memorabilia, from papers and curtains to towels and utensils. Likewise, the body part trophies taken from Man-yee were found inside, with proof that all three men had interacted with them.


Unfortunately, due to the condition of Fan Man-yee’s staying body parts, the police and medical examiners were incapable to deduce a reason for death.


There was no suspicion that she had encountered inexpressible torture, and that the three men had caused much of the harm to her body, but there was no way to tell whether a drug overdose or the torture was to accuse.


As an outcome, the three were sentenced not for killing, but manslaughter, as the jury speculated that though they had affected her death, death was not the purpose. The penalty left Hong Kong’s public swiveling from the Hello Kitty Murder, but the trio was convicted to life in jail – with the probability of parole in 20 years.