The Hammer Killer

2021-05-05 11:11:45 Written by Jones Jay

On July 16th, 2011, In Port St Lucie Florida, Tyler Hadley wished to have a party. Of course, his parents Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley would not let their son do this as his drug use and mental problems have become increasingly horrible. But this doesn't resist 17-year-old Tyler Hadley. 

While his mom worked at a family computer, Tyler receives 3 hits of ecstasy and then assaults his mother from behind with the claw end of a hammer. When his dad appears running to check the explosion, they meet sights before Tyler then grabs the hammer to him too, murdering them both. 

Tyler then pulls his parent's dead bodies to their room and loads tables and other home items on them until they are not noticeable. He then wastes 3 hours cleaning up the murder scene before asking anyone and every one to his home for a party. The visitor unknowing that his parents were killed, just feet away from them. 

They drank where their blood laid just hours before. Tyler takes pills and starts admitting the killings to people until finally, someone notifies the police. 

Tyler is alone in his room, continuing to use drugs and drink when authority came the next evening, discovering the beaten corpses of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley on their bedroom floor. Tyler crying to the authority not to go in the room as he attempted to piling more books on them.

Tyler was caught and avoided the death sentence due to his age. He was sentenced to life in jail. 

He was later granted a re-sentencing hearing and was given Life in jail but this time with the chance of parole. The verdict will be reviewed after 25 years in prison.