Disappearance Of Renee Aitken

2021-05-09 14:00:44 Written by Jones Jay

The whole behavior of Narooma NSW altered from a peaceful coastal town to a place full of uncertainty 34 years ago when the disappearance of 5-year-old Renee Aitken happened.

disappearance resulted in the massive search the town has ever experienced, with authority, SES, VRA, RFS, and members of the society becoming involved.


A sparkly glow in her eye, a cheeky smile, a caring nature... Renee is a much-loved daughter, sister, niece, cousin... Renee is dearly missed and not a day goes by her family doesn't hope that she will eventually be discovered.

Waiting for the knock at the gate, wishing for explanations, wondering if Renee will ever arrive home... The Aitken family have lived the nightmare for the last 34 years and request everyone with evidence to please come forward to support put an end to their suffering...


Renee Aitken was just 5-years-old when she vanished from her residence in Narooma NSW on the 17th February 1984. Renee slept in her room with her older brother and was last seen in her bed at 11.15 pm by her mother the night before her disappearance. When her mother moved in to check on the two kids at 4.45 am the next morning, Renee went missing.


A big search was completed, and a widespread police inquiry was organized into Renee's disappearance.

Discoveries in a coronial inquest completed in 2003, discovered police were convinced convicted sex offender Brian James Fitzpatrick, called "Spider" had abducted Renee, but he had died in a car accident before the inquest.


Over the years there has been a belief, Michael Guider, the convicted murderer of Samantha Knight who disappeared in 1986, was accused in Renee's disappearance, but there has not been sufficient information to help this theory.


Described as standing 91cm tall with a thin shape, Renee had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fair personality. Renee would now be 39 years old.


Renee remains missing, despite widespread inquiries by police and applications by family. A quote by Renee's mother given to Fairfax Media in February 2014 discloses the suffering the family has gone through over the years.


''There has been so much pain and grief. It's eaten me away. I am just a damaged shell now. I can't do my grieving because she is nowhere,'' she said to Fairfax Media.

Can you help this family to eventually grieve? Do you have explanations to help the Aitken family and police find Renee? If you have ANY news please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000