Disappearance Of Toya Hill

2021-05-31 19:34:45 Written by Jones Jay

Toya Hill was born on 24th August 1973. She resided in Baltimore, Maryland with her mum, Annette Hill and three siblings; a 13-year-old brother, and two sisters aged 10 and 3 (previous error said it was two brothers and a sister). Her mum was scheduled to wed a man named John Poindexter three days after Toya went missing.

Toya was a shy girl who disliked getting into distress, and received 100% attendance at school every year, got decent grades and was so nicely behaved and respectful to teachers. She had never been known to do anything bad and never disobeyed her mum. She was last glimpsed wearing a blue and orange striped shirt, jeans and a blue jacket. Her front tooth was chipped at the time.

On March 24, 1982, Toya arrived home from school, checked in with her mum and was allowed to play outside. She returned at an unknown time. At 6:15, Annette left the home to go to a wedding dress fitting, and Toya stayed back with her siblings.


Toya told her sister she was going out to the shop to get candy, and her sister told her mum would be angry if she goes out without permission. Toya said she didn’t care anymore and was going anyway. She didn’t take her sister with her.


Toya was then glimpsed in the parking lot of a grocery shop chatting to two men. One man was Anette’s ex-boyfriend and the other was his friend. It’s unfamiliar if she made it to the store.

She then seemingly went into the store with the ex’s friend and left alone.


Annette returned home at 7:30 pm and discovered Toya gone. She reported her missing right away and neighbours surveyed the town for her.


Annette’s marriage went ahead three days later. Annette told she thought Toya’s kidnapper would cave and take her to the marriage.


Annette heavily speculated her ex-boyfriend (the one who was talking to Toya) had kidnapped her. It was relatively reasonable to assume. Annette thought his motive was that he was still in love with Annette and he had kidnapped Toya in a crazy try to get her back.


The ex-boyfriend (who hasn’t been named) rejected everything. He told he didn’t know where she was, that she had quit talking to him and his friend briefly and just went on her way. Both he and his friend were freed as suspects. Over 150 people were queried but the police discovered nothing.


Some years later, Annette arranged a strategy to get her daughter back. She was still confident her ex took Toya, and the way to get her back was to get near to him. She divorced John and wedded the man she thought to have kidnapped her daughter, in hopes he would tell her what occurred to Toya, but once she realised he wasn’t going to inform her where she was, she divorced him after a few months.


In the late 2000s, the police discovered remains they were sure was Toya. The family was swabbed and it was discovered she wasn’t a match.

Toya has also been tested as the St Louis Jane Doe but it’s not her.


Annette is now 68, runs a daycare and has 15 grandkids. She does feel crushed that she doesn’t know Toya’s fate but has accepted Toya is most probable dead and there won’t be a reunion.

This is another inexplicable case. There’s something very sketchy about her talking with the ex-boyfriend and her friend, and Toya’s out of character attitude on the day was unusual.


I’d also prefer to draw parallels with another case I wrote upon, Tiffany Goines. Toya and Tiffany were both from Maryland, looked likewise and went missing under identical situations five years apart. I would vouch for the cases being related.


What do you think happened?