Group Of Monkeys Kill Over 250 Dogs For 'Revenge' In A Indian Village

2021-12-18 19:29:39 Written by Alex

A group of monkeys has killed 250 hundred puppies in India. . According to reports, a group of dogs killed a baby monkey and the monkeys are doing all this to get revenge.


Commonly, there are fights between two animals of the same breed or animals of two different breeds. But in Maharashtra, an Indian state a "full-scale war" is continuing for a month. The war is started between monkeys and dogs, in which, hundreds of dogs were killed.


One month ago, a dog ​​attack happens and they killed a baby monkey in the "Majal village" area of ​​Maharashtra. After which the monkeys turned into the fire of anger and started a massive war against the dogs.

The monkeys' method is to pick up dog puppies or small dogs and take them to a tall building or the top of a tree and from there through them on the ground.

Almost 250 dogs have been killed during a month. On the other hand, many monkeys have been injured by dog ​​bites.

The war has now spread from the village of Majal to the nearby villages.

Villagers reported that now there are barely any dogs left in the area but that the monkeys have not stopped even after a month of attacks. Now, villagers reported that the monkeys are targeting small children which have created a panic within the village.


The villagers decided to take action themselves and tried to wrangle up the beasts, but the monkeys then turned their sights on the local men, some of whom have been injured after falling from buildings while trying to save the dogs.


India's official monkey catcher teams have been gone to the affected areas. Monkey Catcher is a regular organization in India. They are catching monkeys and releasing them in forest areas.


According to Stephanie Poindexter, an assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo whose research focuses on primate behavioral ecology, said studies have shown that animals—primarily monkeys—can practice revenge.


According to the news, this fight is still going on.