History and Mystery of Vampires

2020-06-18 12:25:45 Written by Amaan Saeed Khan



  Who has not heard of a man wandering in search of blood? Commonly called vampires, Draculas or bloodthirsty humans.

 Vampires are one of the most popular characters in movies and stories. This blood-sucking character is often featured in horror movies or stories.

 Many people associate this character, who drank human blood at night, with Dracula, a fictional character in the famous novelist Bram Stoker's 1897 novel "Count Dracula". Although Stoker gave the vampire character a very unique color and famous authors and directors are still influenced by his novels, in fact the history of the vampire dates back many centuries to the birth of Bram Stoker.

 If you read the history of vampires, its roots are found in Romania. According to historical references, in the middle of the 15th century, a prince named Vlad Tepes (Vlad Dracula) drank the blood of the people here.


 Vampire History:


 Very few people know that a vampire who lives by drinking blood is not just the name of a movie character but a real historical character. There is hardly a historical period in the world or a civilization that did not mention the vampire. It is a different matter that different traditions give different names and different characteristics to it.


       In the traditions of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, the vampire is called Strigoi. Strigoi is a person who comes out of the grave after death and drinks human blood.


       In Babylonian mythology, a person who is not properly buried will rise from the grave and become a "Ekimmu" vampire.


       Thus, in ancient Chinese traditions, the vampire is called Kiang Shi.


       In Indian and Nepali books, a creature is called a monster. The demon vampire is also mentioned in the scripture Veda. There is also mention of another creature that hangs upside down from a tree like a bat, called a "beetle".


       If you look at Asian history, Malawi books use the name "Penanggalen" for vampires.


       Mexican historians say that if you read the history of Mexico, there used to be vampires here.


       Vampires are also mentioned in Arabic stories, for which the word "al-Ghoul" is used. Al-Ghoul means the one who drinks human blood.


       In ancient Peruvian traditions, the vampire is called Canchu. A canchu is a person who worships the devil and drinks human blood.


       It has been a common practice in the history of ancient Africans that a person who is resurrected after death drinks human blood.

 People in the southeastern African country of Malawi still believe this. In November 2017, the rumors and fears of vampires had reached such a level that people were getting excited and killing innocent people on suspicion of being vampires.


       It has been a common notion about vampires that they live by drinking human blood and whoever drinks their blood also becomes a vampire. So the religious leaders of that time would bury the vampires alive, put iron rods in their bodies and put a big stone in their mouths so that the evil spirit would not come back and transfer to other people. That is why the ancient settlements of the world still have such structures which have an iron rod in their bodies and a large stone in their mouth.


 Real Vampire:


       Apart from ancient traditions or myths, vampires are mentioned in history.


       When the Ottoman Caliphate was the most powerful empire in the world, Muhammad II (Muhammad the Conqueror) began to conquer Eastern Europe. Wallachia, part of present-day Romania, was located between Hungary and the Ottoman Caliphate and was very weak at the time. To save itself from the wrath of Transylvania, it had to either become part of the Ottoman Caliphate or join Hungary.

 Muhammad al-Fatah offered that if the two sons of the ruler of Wallachia lived with the Ottomans to show their loyalty, the Ottomans would protect Wallachia from Transylvania. The ruler immediately accepted the offer of the Ottoman King.

 Thus the two sons of the ruler of Wallachia, Vlad III and Rado, began their education at the center of the Muslim world. Both princes received modern education as well as the Quran. Rado converted to Islam, but Vlad III did not.

 After completing their education, the Ottomans decided that they could not send any Muslim to rule over the Christians, so they sent the third child back to rule over Wallachia.

 After returning to Wallachia, Vlad III betrayed the Ottomans, for which he adopted a very terrible method.

 He formed the "Order of Dragons" to prevent the spread of the Ottoman Caliphate in Europe. According to the Eastern European language (Slovak), Dracula means the son of the dragon, while in Romanian it means the devil's seat.

 The third son was a pure devil-like man, he invented new and cruel methods of capital punishment. In which a crucifixion was to be made, a sharp object was inserted from the lower end of the body of the person who was being punished, which came out of the mouth through the whole body. He also killed humans and ate bread dipped in their fresh blood.

 Because of his frightening and terrifying nature, the Christians also left him, and because of his cruel reputation, he became known as the piercing son and Dracula.

 When Muhammad II sent his messengers to pay tribute to the son, he refused, and ordered the messengers to take off their turbans in front of him.

 The Muslim messengers believed that this was permissible only in the sight of Allah. So they refused.

 The vlad ordered that their turbans be nailed to their heads. This order was a declaration of open war against the Ottoman Caliphate.

 After the assassination of the Ottoman envoys, Sultan Muhammad II sent Hamza Pasha, ruler of Nicopolis, to abolish the Vlad III or to negotiate peace with him.

 The men of the third son ambushed Hamza Pasha on the way and killed him along with twenty thousand of his companions. None of them survived.

 The Ottoman army then fought Dracula, and finally in 1476, Sultan Muhammad II's army confronted Dracula's army at Boucharest and he was killed along with his army.

 The Vlad III, Dracula, was beheaded and his head was hung on the door of Istanbul. His head hung on the door for 2-3 months.

 Bram Stoker is said to have based his novel Dracula the fictional character, Vlad III, the real Dracula, because he also drank human blood.


       Queen Elizabeth Batori of Transylvania is also said to have been a vampire and bathed in human blood to keep herself beautiful and young, for which she killed 650 people during her reign.


       Thus, in different traditions, many characteristics of vampires have been mentioned, including drinking human blood, fear of garlic, not seeing its reflection in the mirror and sleeping in the coffin to avoid light during the day.

 In addition, in some periods it has been a common belief that a vampire rises from the grave after death and drinks human blood, that is, he is dead. That's why when rumors of vampires were circulating in an area, graves were opened to see if there were any vampires in them.

 In such cases, the case of Mercy Brown became very popular.


       It was 1892 when the whole family of 19-year-old American girl Mercy Brown began to die of TB, including Mercy Brown. Finally, when Mercy Brown's last brother, Edwin, died, the people convened a jirga and decided to dig up each family's graves to see which of them was the vampire, which led to the whole family death. When all the graves were finally excavated, people were shocked to see that Mercy's body was intact and had blood on her face. Mercy's hair and nails were also grown.

 According to ancient tradition, the villagers took Mercy out of the grave, separated her heart from his body, burned her, mixed her ashes with water and gave it to Mercy's last child, Edwin, who lived for two months after this.

 After this case, the belief in vampires became stronger in the United States.


 Vampire In today's World


       According to a 2015 social survey, there are countless people in the world who claim to be real vampires.

 These people keep their work (drinking blood) secret and for this most of the vampires stay in touch with each other on the dark net.

 Dark Net experts say that on the Dark Net, such people often offer and request to drink blood.

 In addition, there are many vampires in the United States who only drink the blood of people who are willing to give it their own blood.

 In addition to blood-drinking vampires, there are many blood donors in the United States who are willing to donate their blood to any vampire.

 National Geographic and several other TV channels have interviewed many people who have a habit of drinking human blood. They say that drinking human blood gives them energy.


       One such person is Donor Bullet. Bullet Katzchen, 28, from Texas, has been touring the United States for the past ten years, donating blood to men and women who like to drink it. Its latest hunter is 43-year-old Michael Watchmel, from Houston, Texas. Michael says Bullet's blood gives him life, gives him energy.

 Bullet and Michael meet a few times a year and then Michael drinks Bullet's blood. Bullet calls herself Black Swan, a woman who lets others drink her blood. Bullet says she read a book of her sister as a child, which was about vampires, and after reading it, she became addicted to blood, which became a habit. Michael, 43, says he accidentally started drinking blood at the age of 13. Once the blood got on his lips and he got used to it. However, Michael drinks blood only a few times a year.


       In 2014, a British couple claimed to be vampires and lived in a house near the cemetery.

 They used to say that they did not eat like normal human beings. Rather, they are living by drinking each other's blood.


       In July 2018, Dmitry Luchin, a 21-year-old Russian man, hit his girlfriend in the head with bottle and severely injured her, then opened her head with a knife, removed her brain, fried brain and ate it, and drank her blood. During the interrogation, Dmitry told police he searched the Internet for traditional human sacrifices. Because of these stories, he became attracted to cannibalism.


 Four years ago in Papua New Guinea, a man cut the throat of his innocent daughter and drank her blood, who was arrested by police the same day.


 Another British citizen, Darkness Vlad Tapes, has been living the life of a vampire for the past 13 years, in which he is addicted to drinking animal blood. Darkness, a 25-year-old resident of Lancashire in the United Kingdom, changed his name to Darkness Vlad Tapes and began calling himself a vampire. The young man is not afraid of daylight, but at night he sleeps in a wooden coffin and drinks the blood of cows and pigs.


       In November 2016, police in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, arrested a vampire at the request of citizens who tried to drink blood by sticking teeth in children's necks while chewing raw meat from animals and birds.


       In addition, there are many people who, on the one hand keep their work secret and on the other hand they only drink the blood of people who are willing to donate blood. The AVC News website has interviews with photos of 6 real vampires who live like normal human beings and also have a habit of drinking blood. They also often have pointed teeth, similar to those of a vampire-eating animal.

According to Science


       Science acknowledges that vampires existed, so many stories related to them are found in history books, and archaeologists have discovered many vampire graves.

 Even today, it is possible for someone to have a characteristic of a vampire, but what can a vampire actually be? Science explains its medical reasons.

 According to an article in "Live Science", real vampires do not really exist. They are said to come out of the grave and drink human blood after death. However, there are many diseases that are characteristic of vampires due to lack of knowledge. Can be understood Such as heartburn, allergies to sunlight and garlic, or having long, pointed teeth like animals.


       Hydrophobia is a neurological disease as Rabies is also called. Rabies is a Latin word meaning madness. The germs of this disease attack the nerves due to which the human heart wants to bite someone and in this situation it is also difficult to face the sunlight. The person with the disease also suffers from sleep deprivation and often stays up all night. As is well known about vampires, they stay awake at night.


       It is said of vampires that they are not reflected in mirrors, so vampires are always afraid of mirrors.

 Fear of the mirror and seeing something other than your reflection in the mirror is also a neurological disease called Catoptrophobia. People with the disease say they can't look in the mirror because they see strange things in the mirror instead of their own reflection, or often everything looks empty.


       Similarly, porphyria is a neurological disease that affects human skin. A person suffering from this disease cannot face the sun because his skin burns due to sunlight. And the urine of a person suffering from this disease also becomes like the color of blood.

 Also, in xeroderma pigmentosum, man cannot face light.


 The vampire is said to be allergic to garlic. Alliumphobia is a neurological condition in which a person hates any strong smelling vegetable, herb or plant like garlic so much that if he smells garlic, he may have a panic attack.


       In European countries, people often think of themselves as vampires whose teeth are pointed and slightly longer like those of a dog or cat. Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia is a disease that often attacks at a young age. The disease affects the human teeth and the person who gets the disease, his teeth become protruding like animals.


 Is drinking blood harmful to health?


       Traditional vampire movies show him drinking the blood of young girls, after which he himself becomes energetic and alert, which is called vampire therapy. Even today, many vampires claim to drink human blood and say that it gives them energy, but surprisingly, medically human blood is harmful to the human stomach because it contains a lot of iron and There are germs that can cause severe damage to the human stomach.

 On the other hand, according to a report of BBC News, thousands of people drink blood in the United States alone and none of them has ever complained of gastrointestinal upset due to drinking blood.


 What is vampire therapy?


       Dr Dame Linda Pertridge, a leading geneticist at University College London, acknowledges that blood transfusions in young adults can protect young people from diseases such as heart disease, cancer and dementia.

 In this regard, when Dr. Partridge gave the blood of young rats to the old rats continuously, they did not develop any diseases related to aging. Surprisingly, when young mice were transfused with old blood, the results were reversed and harmful.


       Another company, Amarosia, conducted medical trials involving about 70 volunteers. Experts found that in just 24 hours, young blood transfusions in the elderly had positive results. In the Ambrosia blood trials conducted in 2017, all the biomarkers that cause Alzheimer's, cholesterol, heart disease and other deadly diseases were rapidly reduced in the blood of the elderly within a month.

 In addition, a 55-year-old Alzheimer's patient who received a young blood transfusion had an immediate positive change in his body and a 20% reduction in the production of toxic compounds in the brain. That's why experts are calling vampire therapy very promising.