A Mysterious Man Of Other World

2020-06-20 15:10:37 Written by Amaan Saeed Khan

A Man Of The Other World 


 Our earth is a particle in this universe of billions of stars, dust and gases. In addition to our own galaxy, telescopes have so far tracked more than 10 billion galaxies. The closest galaxy, even if traveled at the speed of light, could take us 170,000 years to reach.


 So,in this terribly vast universe, is the earth the only place where humans live?


 Because the current telescope has the power to see only 14 billion light years away. But no one knows what's next.




 From ancient historical societies to modern day societies, one can see the fact that people have always believed in the existence of other worlds. In Islam and Christianity there is the concept of heaven and hell, in Buddhism there is Nirvana and in Hinduism there is the concept of rebirth.


 Hundreds of scientific books have been written on the existence of other worlds, apart from religious concepts, fairy tales and fiction films.


  Today we are going to talk about a man who is said to have come from another world.


 18 January 1954. Tokyo, Japan.

 At Haneda Airport, the airport staff was busy carrying out their responsibilities as usual.

 There was a line of people at the passport checking reception. One by one, the person confirms his passport and moves on to other receptions for the next step.

 Meanwhile, a man turned his attention to the examiner when he placed his unusual passport on the examiner's table.

 Most countries have red or blue passports, while others have green and black passports, but the person's passport was yellow. The examiner had never seen or heard of a yellow passport before.

 When the investigation of this extraordinary passport started, more surprising things came to light.

 The nationality "Taured" was written on the passport when there was no country with that name in the world.

 The strange thing was that the passport did not look fake or unofficial anywhere. And all the checking on it were real and official. When the investigator did not understand the matter, he called his supervisor.

 When the supervisor checked the passport, his surprise was doubled.

 Because many countries, including Japan, had traveled 17 times on this strange passport. And most of the official checking and signatures were from Haneda Airport and real ones. When the supervisor wanted to investigate, the stranger looked at him in amazement, wondering what had happened to the airport staff, and then pulled out his country's driving license from his pocket. He had a real government license with the name of the stranger and the country "Taured" written on it. When the supervisor also failed to understand the matter, the top management of the airport was called. An investigative team of 5-4 agents was called and the man was taken to the interrogation room.

 During the six-hour interrogation, he kept saying that "Taured" was his country and had been there for 1,000 years. His country has good relations with Japan and he often comes to Japan for business. He wondered why he was being treated so badly.

 According to him, he was a salesman in the textile industry and had come to negotiate a contract with a customer.

 But there was no company in Japan by the name of the company and the customer from whom he mentioned the transaction.

 He also had original receipts for hotel bills, bank payments and other expenses during his previous stay in Japan.

 But when it was confirmed, there was no hotel or bank by that name in the whole country. He himself seemed confused as to how this could happen.

 An investigative agent drew a map and asked the stranger to show his country on a world map. He pointed to "Andorra", a European country, and stared at the map in amazement and anger at why "Torda" was replaced by "Andorra". He had never heard of "Andorra".

 He had the currencies of many countries as proof that he often traveled to other countries.

 The suspect was now more suspicious.

 He was transferred to a hotel room near the airport under the supervision of security guards, from where he was handed over to the police for further investigation, including the case.

 The matter was already confused and then the stranger ended the confusion in such a way that the matter became a mystery forever.

 The room had no balcony or window, but when the room was searched again, the man was found missing. Every effort was made to find him as far as possible, but except for God, he threw such dust in everyone's eyes that all eyes were left blank. They were wondering who he was, where he came from and where he went. The last recourse for airport staff was that they had passports and other documents, including a stranger's photograph, which had been seized during the interrogation.

 But the last thing that blew the minds of the investigators was that there was nothing in all this evidence now. He himself mysteriously disappeared, along with all his safe records from the security room.


 There are various theories about this mystery even today. Notable among them are the following.


 Time Slipping:

 The slippage of time is a famous science fiction. Its adherents are also found in millions.

 That is why so many films have been made on this subject and many scientists say that it is possible.

  Those who believe in this fiction often refer to this person of "Taured" in defense of their thinking.

  According to them,the stranger was the man of the future and had accidentally come to the past which was our "present". And maybe "Andorra" on the world map right now is "Taured" in the future. In addition to the anecdotes, there are many historical images and videos on the Internet that support this view, with clear evidence of the passage of time. So was he really a man of the future?


 Numerous Universes:


 Current telescopes are capable of seeing up to 14 billion light-years. But what's next?

 Many people also give idea of numerous universes. They believe that when the "Big Bang" happened, there may have been a universe or universes other than ours. In the beginning, the atmosphere of our universe and the other universe has been the same and some changes have taken place. They say that Taured's stranger was a man from another universe, and that there may be a similar Japan in this universe, but not "Andorra" but "Taured."


 Secret Agency:


 People in politics think that stranger was stranger, but only for the airport staff. He was a member of Japan's secret service who was given a special passport to provide him with special facilities and assistance in government departments. But only special people were aware of it. He met with wrong person. Eventually, the agency disappeared from the scene and the fiction story was told when asked.


 Practical Joke:


 Some believe the stranger was a native of Japan who joked with his airport, after which he made the story for fame . There are many people on social networking sites who make such jokes and share videos with people. So is it possible for someone to make a minor joke so famous that it is still mentioned today, 62 years later, and most Japanese people believe it to be true?


 Fiction Story:


 Realistic people don't value it more than a myth. They consider it a popular myth like many others. The proof of their thoughts is that there is no official record of this incident, but if it were a fiction, readers of that time would have known the name of this famous fiction writer.


The Ghost:


 It is not possible for a human being to make such a disappearance from the Haneda Airport Security Room the way his record disappeared.


So we don't know,Who was he.it is still an Unsolved mystery.