Greatest Riddle of The Century

2020-06-21 11:31:31 Written by Amaan Saeed Khan

Belmez Faces

If a human form is seen on the wall or anywhere else Obviously, in the eyes of realistic people, this is delusion. But

 What if someone says that human faces appear on the floor of their house and come back even after erased??


 It was August 23, 1971, when Maria Gomez, a resident of Belmez, a small town in Spain, was cooking in her kitchen when she noticed a stain on the kitchen floor. At first she thought the stain was minor and intended to clean it up at a later time but the next day when Maria saw it the stain was clearer than the previous day. She looked at the stain for cleansing, and it looked like a man's face. Maria thought that it is her delusion and began to erase it but she couldn't erase it.

 She wondered, "What kind of stain is this?"

 As time went on, Maria's astonishment turned to fear as the unusual scar became more and more apparent and the masculine facial features became more prominent.

 When Maria called her husband and son and showed them the picture on the floor, they were also surprised. They immediately arranged for a pickaxe and broke that part of the floor.

 The next day the specific part of the floor was rebuilt. Maria was now terrified to see the place, wondering how it would be possible for a hard floor to have such a hard stain on its own that it would become clear from time to time and then give the impression of a human face. Sometimes she thought it was a coincidence, sometimes she thought it was a message from someone from the Temple of Life.

 It's been two weeks since Maria was busy in the kitchen when her eyes fell on the repaired part of the floor again. In the same place, there was a shape of face again. Despite all thoughts, she felt scared.

 "Is there going to be a face again?" Maria was still thinking that the outline was slowly becoming clearer and a mysterious face appeared on the newly built floor.

 The matter was now serious.

 Maria also mentioned the strange incident to her neighbors and showed them face on the floor.

 So news spread and people from this small town started coming there. What was even more astonishing was that even in the presence of people, many more faces of different styles began to appear on the floor for different impressions. Except for the fact that the house is haunted, no one had any other answer.

 The people of the town suggested breaking the floor again but the town mayor after inspecting the house forbade them to break the floor. And contacted various expert teams to investigate the puzzle.

 According to the town mayor, everyone was shocked when they started digging to remove a certain part of the kitchen floor.

 Because below the specific part of the kitchen floor was an old grave containing human remains. And it seemed that many human beings were buried randomly in the same grave. So were these the forms of people buried in the same grave?

 The remains were taken to laboratories for research, where research revealed that they were more than thirteen centuries old. And all the structures were beheaded.

 On the other hand, different experiments were done on a piece of floor. Water, bleach and various detergents were tested. The shape faded for a while, but soon became clear again.

 The investigation team sealed the kitchen and also installed a tape recorder.

 When it was taken out and played a few days later, the result shocked everyone because it recorded the cries of human beings and the sounds of lamentation, while the impression of the shapes on the floor was also found to be different.


 Despite 28 years of research to understand this mystery of Maria's mysterious home, the result was nothing but speculation.

 And that is why this riddle has been called the greatest riddle of the century.

 Today, we will talk about some of the theories related to the case that have been put forward by different thinkers.


 Financial Advantage:


 People who call themselves realists have always refused to accept such incidents. Whether they have an answer or not. They think the Maria family did it for financial gain or fame. They could have had a formula that could be used to make sketches on cement that would later take on a different shape on their own after a chemical reaction. A study also found that particles of lime and vinegar were found in certain parts of the floor. But one thing to note here is that if you look at the floor of any kitchen so closely, you can find particles of lime and vinegar.




 Maria had her own idea that some of the family members who have passed away wanted to give a message to Maria but she did not understand what the spirits wanted to say to her.


 Intrusion of Evil Spirits:


 Residents of other towns, including Maria's neighbors, believed the house was on an ancient cemetery. And under the kitchens some people were buried in a chaotic and cruel way so the evil spirits were bothering the occupants.




 Telepathy is a science fiction that science is now slowly embracing in reality. Followers of telepathy linked Maria's riddle to telepathy. They say that all the faces that appeared on the floor were due to Maria's thinking. Faces appeared as Maria saw a small scar from her mind. That's why the expressions on all the faces were different. Facial expressions depended on Maria's mood.

 When Maria passed away in 2004, people said that the series would end, but that did not happen.


 Maria's Artist Son:


 After Maria's death, people said that behind all this story was Maria's son who also kept his mother unaware. But if Maria's son had the best art to challenge the world, he could benefit by showing it.

 Because being an artist is not a crime but a matter of pride. He could gain fame by showing his art.