Dog Suicide Bridge

2020-06-22 10:32:06 Written by Amaan Saeed Khan

The Mystery

There is no shortage of places in the world that are surrounded by heartbreaking stories, unknown fears, mysterious accidents and unique situations and events. The most popular of these are places with not only stories but also a mysterious reality. In today's "mystery" case, we will talk about a bridge from which more than 600 dogs have committed suicide by jumping.


Milton is a small, quiet and lush village in Dumbarton County, Scotland, close to the famous Overtoun House building and part of the Overtoun House Estate. The River Clyde flows near the Overtoun State Guest House.

 There is a slightly curved bridge built in 1859 over a canal that flows out of it.

 Very little water flows under this bridge while the floor of the canal is covered with hard rocks and bushes.


 The bridge became a mystery in the 1950. When the locals realized that many dogs were jumping from the bridge and giving up their lives, there was no apparent reason for their action. It should be noted that there are no fish in the canal.

 These dogs, which commit suicide, usually belonged to the long-mouthed "Labrador" breed. This breed of dog has tremendous strength and can swim.

 With regard to suicide, it has also been observed that when dogs commit suicide, At this time, the weather is always pleasant and the sun shines brightly. Another amazing thing is that many dogs survived after jumping from a height of fifty feet, so they swam back to the bridge and made a second attempt. 

 Another mysterious aspect of the suicide process is that all the dead dogs committed suicide by jumping into the canal from the wall on the right side of the bridge coming from Overtoun House.


 To date, no one has been able to explain the reason behind the suicide of dogs from Overtoun Bridge. However, different people have expressed different views in this regard.


Many people consider the Overtoun Bridge to be haunted. Locals say that in 1994, a man threw his young child from the bridge and tried to commit suicide. After failing to commit suicide, he told the police that The Overtoun House near the bridge is haunted and he was instructed to do so by a voice from Overtoun House.

 It should be noted that this person named "Kevin Moy" had performed this act at the very place from where the dogs commit suicide by jumping into the canal.

 While some believe that Kevin Moy himself was a psychopath. He also said at one point that he was the "Antichrist" and that his son was the "Devil" and that they could both be harmful to humanity, so he killed his son first and then attempted suicide.

 About Overtoun House near Overtoun Bridge, locals say they have seen a mysterious woman standing in the windows of Overtoun House several times looking at the bridge.

 But the question is, if there's a demon involved, why does it happen at a certain place, the Overtoun Bridge?

 Also, why do dogs run on the specific side of the bridge?

 And why do only one animal, the dog, and then a certain breed of dog become prey?

The Hum


"The Hum" is a manifestation of the constant noise that some people hear in some areas. The phenomenon has been reported in parts of the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The Hum is a mystery in itself. Scientists have so far failed to find out why it happen?

 Zoologists say that animals' ears are many times faster than human and man-made sound hearing devices. Animals also hear sounds coming from afar that human ears cannot hear.

 With regard to the Overtoun Bridge, some scientists believe that standing on this particular part of the bridge makes this particular breed of dog hear The Hum sound, So dogs fall off the bridge in an attempt to detect.

 But the question is that there have been cases on this mysterious bridge in which the dogs jumped and jumped and jumped again.

 Second, when a dog encounters an unusual situation, it barks to let the dog's owner know that the dog has seen or heard something unusual, while a dog on the Overtoun Bridge Did not do so but committed suicide by jumping silently.


 The mink is a member of the mongoose family, also known as the water mongoose. These aquatic mangoose are found in mountainous areas where water is available. Water also flows under the Overtoun Bridge and mink is also found there. Dog Specialist David Saxton says that because dogs chase mongoose-like small animals, dogs may also see mink under the Overtoun Bridge and fall off the bridge in an attempt to chase them. David Saxton conducted a dog test in support of his theory. He put a rat in a small box, a squirrel in the second box and a mink in the third box. Then from a considerable distance several dogs were released towards the boxes, except for one or two dogs which went to the box of rats or squirrels, All the other dogs sniffed the box of mink from a distance. David Saxton proved with his test that the dog sniffs the strong smell emanating from the mink's body from a distance and immediately the dog tries to catch the mink. He says that even on the Overtoun Bridge, when a dog sees a mink or smells it, it moves towards it and falls down from the bridge.

 But the question is, do all dogs smell mink from the same specific side of the bridge? And besides, mink is found in many other parts of the world. Why don't dogs catch mink and jump from a high place like Overtoun Bridge?


         The mysterious suicide of more than 600 dogs in 50 years has made the Overtoun Bridge a symbol of fear for humans as well. That's why everyone who crosses the bridge feels a strange tingling sensation in their spine.