Mysterious Disappearance

2020-06-23 12:07:31 Written by Amaan Saeed Khan

"Mysterious Disappearance"


We have been watching flying saucers in cartoons and movies and reading stories since childhood, but until then these were considered fairy tales, but this is not the case today. There are millions of people in the world today who believe in UFO and Aliens. They claim to see flying saucers with their own eyes. Denying the existence of flying saucers is no longer possible because of the high number of sightings. Also, the number of viewers at the same time is so high that all of them cannot be denied by accusing them of any delusion, imagination or lie. Many people have also taken pictures and videos of UFO in the last few years. That is why today it is also read as a subject called Ufology.


"These are unknown things, it seems that these (flying saucers) have the power to create a very strong magnetic field," said a doctor, who lost his life trying to figure out the secret of flying saucers. "UFO attracts planes".


 Today we will talk about a young man who, according to him, was confronted with a flying saucer and he also managed to tell the world, but after that he disappeared from the map of the world.


 October 21, 1978, Bass Strait, Australia.


      The sun was setting and daylight was about to turn into night darkness, Frederick was flying alone in a training plane at 125 nautical-miles. He was an inexperienced pilot of 20 years.

 He twice appeared in a test for Australian Air Force, but failed both times due to low scores.

 He was now training with a private company.

 He was flying over the shores of the Bass Strait and had 150 hours to fly.

 The Bass Strait is a strait that separates the island of Tasmania from the mainland of Australia. There are several small islands in the strait near the Victoria Moorabbin Airport in the coastal city of Melbourne.

 Frederick was taking a special training class that day, after which he would receive a night flight certificate.

 It had been about 20 minutes since he arrived at Moorabbin Airport when he contacted the control tower.


 Frederick "Is there any air traffic here at 5,000 feet?"


 Control Tower "No, there is no air traffic at 5,000 feet"


 Frederick "I am seeing a aircraft"


 Control Tower "What kind of aircraft is this?"


 Frederick "I don't understand, the bright light is coming out of all sides, And just now aircraft climbed about a thousand feet above me"


 Control Tower "Is this really a big aircraft?"


 Frederick "It's not accurate because of its speed and light. Aren't there any Air Force aircraft in the vicinity?"


 Control Tower "No, there are no Air Force aircrafts in traffic at the moment"


 Frederick "it's coming to me now ... (2 seconds silence) it crossed me again. It is close to me now. It's speed is very high. And then coming to me"


 Control Tower "What is your actual height level at the moment?"


 Frederick "Four thousand five hundred feet"

 Control Tower "Try to identify this aircraft and tell us"

 Frederick "I don't understand what kind of aircraft it is"

 Control Tower "Just stay in touch"


 Frederick "It's not a aircraft ... Rather it ... "(Two seconds silence)


 Control Tower "Can you describe the aircraft now?"


 Frederick "It's much bigger than a aircraft. It is behind me,  Melbourne (Australian city)"


 Control Tower "How big is that ...? Describe it"


 Frederick "it's chasing me. The direction I'm going, aircraft is coming from above me. It is made of a shiny metal different from the aircraft, its size is quite large and a green light is also emanating from it. (5 seconds silence) And now it's gone. Am I seeing a military aircraft?"


 Control Tower "Look here and there. Has aircraft really disappeared now?"


 Frederick "I don't understand"


 Control Tower "Is the plane still around or really invisible?"


 Frederick "Yes, it is now ... (2 seconds silence) ... It's coming back to me. My engine is not working properly ..."


 Control Tower "Which way are you heading?"


 Frederick "King Island. No melbourne, This is not a aircraft, this is something else.

 This is hovering over me again. (2 seconds silence) It is not flying like a aircraft but hovering ..."

 And then Frederick remained silent for 17 seconds while the microphone intermittently made only noise and then the control tower lost contact with Frederick. Every effort was made to contact him again, but he could not be contacted again and no one saw Frederick or his ship after that.


  News of what had happened to Frederick had now spread. Rescue teams were sent and began searching for him on various radars, but he seemed to have disappeared from the world. After searching on land, they also found it in the sea, where only a layer of oil was found, but after research, it was not found to be related to Frederick's plane. For four years, various domestic and foreign investigative agencies tried their best to find Frederick's plane, but they all failed.


 Many cases come up in the world that no one can explain, then the views or theories of experts from every field are looked at to explain the case.

 Many people have expressed their views on the mysterious disappearance of Frederick. Below are some of the specific theories put forward by various research institutes or personalities regarding Frederick's disappearance.


 Frederick's Drama:

 Frederick's friend and his father said that Frederick had always loved reading stories about flying saucers and watching movies like this. He also collected a number of articles on flying saucers. His father said that Frederick often said what he would do if a flying saucer came in front of him. Maybe that's why he wanted to be a pilot.

 The day Frederick disappeared, a man at the local police station reported seeing a plane landing. The man reported to police station when he saw the plane landed in a suspicious direction because he knew that there was no airport in the area towards which the plane was about to land.

 Before boarding the plane, Frederick told his company that he was going to pick up a passenger from King Island. He did not do so officially at the airport, otherwise he would not be allowed on the island at all. Because at that time it was not possible for anyone to be present on King Island. Frederick, on the other hand, told his girlfriend that he was going to get a special kind of fish from King Island when there was no such fish on the island.

 Surprisingly, no corner of the area was left in search of Frederick And if he did make a drama, where is Frederick and his aircraft? Before the flight, he lied to his company and also to his girlfriend. Maybe he wanted to do a drama and his drama took him to the brink of death. But where ...?


 Frederick Committed Suicide:


       Many believe that Frederick was a failed man, interested in becoming a pilot and had twice applied for the Air Force where he failed, after which he was rejected by several private companies. So he was worried about life. He deliberately dropped the ship into the sea and told a false story on the control tower so that people would talk about him after he died. Many such people in the world died in various ways to make themselves famous, but Frederick's friends, relatives and his father said that Frederick could never have committed suicide. If he had any intention to commit suicide, He would have done it When he failed two Air Force tests. He was living a good life, he had a good job, he had a girlfriend who didn't have any problems with him  and he was a part time pilot. He was soon to become a certified pilot and receive a nighttime pilot's certificate. No aspect of his life indicates that he committed suicide. And even if he committed suicide, why couldn't his body or any part of his aircraft be found?




       Most people call Frederick's death an accident. They say Frederick, 20, was an inexperienced pilot. He was not allowed to fly at night and his company had received some complaints against him for not flying properly. It is possible, therefore, that Frederick's aircraft may have overturned out of control and he may have seen a reflection of his ship in the waters of the Strait of Bass, which he mistakenly thought to be another ship, as Frederick said while talking to the control tower. He said that an unknown aircraft was coming towards him in the same direction. He also said that the aircraft that was chasing him had disappeared and that it was with him again. Since Frederick was on the shores of the Strait of Bass, when passed over a small island, he may not have seen his reflection at the time.

 Frederick concluded that the unknown aircraft was now approaching him, so this may be the time when his ship crashed into the sea.

 But here, too, the question arises, why Frederick and his aircraft could not be found at sea?


 Flying Saucer:


       It seems like a myth that Frederick's plane disappeared with a flying saucer, but there is some evidence to support this idea.

 UFOlogists are in favor of this theory. This is not only because they believe in this legendary flying saucer, but also because they have arguments. The biggest argument is that in the week before Frederick's disappearance in the area, more than 20 people reported seeing flying saucers.

 The four also claimed to have seen Frederick's aircraft before the incident, and all four said they had seen a large aircraft with four lights hovering over Frederick's ship.

 A Melbourne citizen took some pictures of the sunset in this coastal area 21 minutes before Frederick's incident and those images are still available on the internet today, some of which show an unknown flying object. Australian officials have described the object as a cloud, but all of the images were taken at the same time, at sunset.

 Now it was a flying saucer or an Australian Air Force spy plane that made Frederick disappear in a way that could not be traced.

 Bass Strait, There is no deep part of the ocean where the wrecked ship could not be found. One is the coast and the other is the small islands. So why was no part of Frederick's ship found?


       Twenty years later, on October 21, 1998, Frederick's friends and family erected a plaque in his memory at the scene, with a short story and a picture of him, which people still see today.