The Mystery of Aokigahara

2020-06-24 19:40:19 Written by Nimra Noor

The Unsolved Mysteries

In modern times, thanks to scientific advances, man has become acquainted with the galactic system, raising the flag of success on the sea floor and mountain tops. He is planning to explore new worlds in the belly of the earth and beyond the stars. In this way, science has revealed the facts of the universe to man, but there are still many secrets hidden around us that have not been uncovered to this day. Even today, many events take place on this planet and there are many traces that have been a wonder to the human intellect for centuries and about which science has been questioned. We will present to you every day some of these strange and wonderful events or relics.


 Aokigahara Japan's Haunted Forest


 Does the forest really calls the people?




  Why do people Disappear in Aokigahara?

 Why do people see ghosts, wandering spirits and other supernatural things here?

 And then, above all, the question of why so many Japanese travel so far to the same jungle and never come back alive?

 What is that unseen and mysterious force that attract some people to this forest and then they never appear alive again?

 Whether or not the Aokigahara forest is haunted, but there is definitely something here that is incomprehensible.

 This vast forest in the valley of Mount Fuji, Japan's most famous volcano, is commonly called the Sea of ​​Trees. The reason for this is that just as the shore is not visible after landing in the sea, so once you enter this forest, if the road is not marked, it is impossible to return after a short while. It becomes difficult and even after walking miles, there is no way out. This forest is so dense and majestic that it looks like a swaying green sea. The local name of this forest is Aokigahara.

 Seen from a distance, the forest of Aokigahara and the summit of Mount Fuji in the background look very beautiful and charming and also offer a beautiful view for the eyes and cameras. But if one goes near this forest or enters it, then one finds that this natural landscape, which looks charming and attractive from the outside, is so Dangerous and terrifying from the inside that no one want to enter in forest. Everyone feels a tingling sensation in his spine.

 Surrounded by the foothills of Mount Fuji and the adjoining valleys, the forest is lined with small and large cliffs, hills and innumerable caves that are covered with snow almost all year round. The special thing about this forest is not that it is extremely dense and wide, but the special thing is that it is famous for being haunted. This is what the locals and those who have gone to this forest have been saying all the time.

 It is said that this forest is a great source of natural phenomena and phenomena on earth and that is why this forest is considered as one of the most haunted places in the world. There are many incredible and intriguing stories and events told about this forest in the world in general and in Japan in particular. According to Japanese traditions and legends about this thousands of years old forest, Aokigahara is home to ancient demons, monsters, ghosts and the wanderings of evil people living in cities. These alleged spirits, ghosts, and evil spirits that roam the forest call out to certain people and then destroy them.

 Scientific researchers and psychologists take these traditions to the level of superstitions. According to them, the victims are those who apparently go to the forest and commit suicide, but the local Japanese believe that these people are in fact the demons. They are under the influence of forest ghosts and demons who bring them here from their homes and kill them.



Terrifying Place


 Not only has the forest become a symbol of fear due to ancient traditions and legends, but the heartbreaking events that have taken place here have also played a key role in making Aokigahara a terrifying place in the world. It often seems that some adventurers go on adventures in this jungle and then go missing. Volunteers and rescue teams search for them as best they can, but they have no idea where they went. After a while, their bodies are found hanging from trees or lying in a pit or cave in a distorted state. The forest floor is covered with lava from Mount Fuji's volcano, which has hardened the ground so much that it cannot be dug with hand tools such as hoes or shovels. The Japanese government has put up warning signs in many places in the forest to prevent people from getting lost. In addition, volunteers have unofficially identified a number of routes through which one can enter and exit the forest. However, all these arrangements are limited. Much of the forest is still devoid of any signs or signboards, making it very likely to go missing. It is also said that there are many places that no human has ever reached. Most adventurers or tourists enter the forest up to a maximum of one kilometer as this is followed by some of the scenery and atmosphere in the forest that most people who go further claim that There are ghosts and other supernatural beings who have been seen hovering, suddenly appearing and disappearing. There are no signs or symbols that relate to humans or the modern world. As we move forward, the horror and terror of this forest will increase. Remains of human corpses and bones are scattered here and there. The remains are in a very old and rotten state, looking as if they had been chewed and vomited by a very powerful and savage animal or monster.



 Such terrifying scenes can be seen in different parts of the forest.



 It is said with full conviction by the locals and the eyewitness that the tourists and adventurers that go to this forest are often encountered by some invisible creatures. They tell many stories in this regard. Some of them even offer vague images of ghosts and demons from the jungle to prove their claims.

 There is also a well-known story about the Aokigahara that the modern magnetic instruments and compasses that tell the direction in the forest become inoperable and as a result the travelers get lost in the forest.

 Scientific researchers call the deaths here suicide. If this is indeed true, then this forest should be considered as the most preferred place for suicides as according to official statistics, at least two people go to the Aokigahara every month and end their lives. However, locals and volunteers say the number could be much higher, as many bodies are never found. According to official figures, more than 1,500 people have committed suicide in the forest in the past few years. Seventy-three bodies were found in 1998, and in 2002, seventy-eight bodies were found, possibly suicidal. Usually two-thirds of suicides are committed by men. The overall proportion of men who committed suicide here in 2007 was 71%. The majority of suicides in this forest are in people over 60 years of age. However, a significant number of Japanese under the age of 30 are also among those who have committed suicide. Surprisingly, very few middle-aged people commit suicide.

 It is true that Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world, but is every suicide in Japan a suicide? Some time ago, a Japanese newspaper reported the death of a 33-year-old man who was found dead in a room, hungry and thirsty. A police investigation revealed that the company in which the man had worked until a year ago had gone bankrupt. This person did not have a job and the accumulated money was also spent. Neighbors said that if he met anyone on the way, he would greet and pray for them. According to the police report, the man was very egocentric and did not ask for anything to anyone. He didn't Contacted a government agency for government assistance. Whatever the cause of death in Japan, the investigation always finds out one or the other reasons, most of the reasons for suicide are said to be nervous or mental stress or economic and social problems are also said to be the main reasons for suicide. It is said that most of the people who cannot be absorbed in the society have a tendency to commit suicide. But by putting every death in suicide, the suicide graph in Japan is higher but the crime graph is lower. However, this is not our subject, but here the question arises that if some Japanese have a tendency to commit suicide, then why do most people travel long distances to commit suicide and go to the same forest? There are countless ways to commit suicide and it can be done anywhere, so what does it mean for people to go to this jungle to end their lives? However, Japanese officials and experts are unable to understand the reason.



 Signs posted at various places in the forest to deter people from intending to commit suicide

 The rising number of suicides has forced authorities to increase the number of signboards in various parts of the forest. These signboards are marked with words urging people who want to commit suicide not to do so. In this regard, various telephone numbers have been listed on the boards, by contacting those who want to commit suicide can get advice and help in solving their problems. The Japanese government has been conducting a search operation in the forest every year since 1970. Police, volunteers and journalists take part in this annual operation and go to different parts of the forest to inspect and collect the bodies. In addition, police now regularly patrol the haunted jungle and arrest anyone suspected of suicidal intent and send them to a psychiatric rehabilitation center. But despite this, a series of suicides continue here and not a month goes by when no body is found in any part of this forest. Although police and officials say the deceased ended his own life, locals and other traditional Japanese do not acknowledge this. They say that everyone should believe that this forest is demon-possessed, whose inhabitants (ghosts, demons, etc.) call to the living human beings, and whoever comes to this place under the influence of their voice. They kill it and then the dead people join the community of ghosts and wandering demons in this forest. Many who have visited the forest have also claimed to have seen the ghosts of people they knew who had committed suicide and whose bodies had been buried or cremated. Regardless of whether the Aokigahara forest is haunted or not, it is a mystery that there is definitely something that is not understood. Why do people go missing in this forest? Why do people see ghosts, wandering spirits and other supernatural things here?



 After a distance of about one kilometer inside the forest, it is not safe to go there, but still why do the Japanese travel long distances to the same forest?


 And then, above all, the question of why so many Japanese travel so far to the same jungle and never come back alive?

 What is that unseen and mysterious force that draws some people to this forest and then they never appear alive again?