Mystery of Black Dog of Hanging Hills

2020-06-26 21:02:16 Written by Nimra Noor

The Mystery

So much has been said about ghosts and spirits that it is no longer possible to deny their reality. There are many places around the world which are called the abodes of ghosts. There are news about this every day. The concept of Ghosts and demons is as old as human civilization. We have been reading about many spirits and witches who have occupied a certain place, but the reality of the ghost we will talk about today is Terrible and many theories are known about it.

Black Dog

 This is the spirit of a black dog that has occupied a certain hill. This ghost has been visible since 1898. This ghost has killed six human beings. Let us know some details about it.




 Meriden is a city in New Haven County, Connecticut, United States. The city is also known as The Silver City. The city is surrounded by a mountain range called Hanging Hills. These Hanging hills are famous for its beautiful scenery,rare plants, and also it is famous for its seven hundred feet high Cliffs.

WHC Pynchon

 Yes, but in his fame there is also a hand of a black dog. A small black dog roams these hills. According to the residents of the surrounding area, this dog has killed six people so far. About this dog First of all, a well-known geologist WHC Pynchon Published a Article about this Dog in Connecticut Quarterly. In this article, written in 1898, WHC Pynchon wrote that he and fellow geologist Herbert Marshall were visiting the place when they saw the dog. Herbert Marshall was watching him for the third time. As soon as he saw the dog, Marshall fell and died on the ice.




 There is an interesting theory about this dog. According to people, seeing this dog for the first time is a cause of happiness. Seeing black dog for the second time is a warning and seeing it for the third time causes death. One hundred and twenty two years have passed. Despite this, the mystery of the black dog could not be solved. WHC Pynchon wrote the following statement about it.

“There, high on the rocks above us, stood a black dog, like the one I had seen three years before, except that he looked jet black against the snow wreath above him. As we looked he raised his head and we saw his breath rise steaming from his jaws, but no sound came through the biting air. Once, and only once, he gazed down on us with his gleaming eyes and then he bounded out of sight. I looked at Marshall. His face was white as he steadied himself against a rock, but there was not a tremor in his voice as he said:


“I did not believe it before. I believe it now; and it is the third time.”


And then, even as he spoke, the fragment of rock on which he stood slipped. There was a cry, a rattle of other fragments falling – and I stood alone.”


W.H.C. Pynchon, Connecticut Quarterly, (April-June, 1898)


 There are so many stories around this dog that no one can prove it wrong.