Serial Killer Couple

2020-06-27 13:47:32 Written by Nimra Noor

First Victim

Mary Neilson, a 22-year-old student at the University of Western Australia, was on her way to her destination in a state of deep thought. Her destination was a house on Street 3 in Willagee, a suburb of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, where she was scheduled to meet David Birnie. Birnie met her today at a car workshop where he was employed. He had promised to sell Mary old but best-selling tires for her car at a bargain price. After contacting him on the phone, she was now on her way to David's home. When she reached street number three, she rang the bell. The gate was opened by a woman over thirty years of age.

 "Yes, Please?"

 "I have to meet Mr. Birnie ... I'm Mary Neilson ..." She introduced herself. The weather on this evening of October 22 was just like any other day.

 "Come on in, he's waiting for you ..."

 "Are you his wife?" She asked, stepping inside.

 "Yes but no ..."Woman smiled strangely.


 "David is in his bedroom." She ignored her question and pointed inside. She hesitated and went inside. There was chaos everywhere. Maybe the family didn't care so much about cleanliness. When she Stepped into the bedroom, There was a mess. David was lying on the bed.

 "Mr. Birnie ..." she shouted. At that moment the bedroom door closed and it was the same woman who closed the door. Birnie was also standing. He had a knife in his hand.

 "Catherine, tie her up." They both had a cruel smile on their faces. Mary said in a trembling voice.

 "Let me go ..." But they weren't going to leave her like that. That Day was doomsday for mary. David was repeatedly abusing her and Catherine was helping him. They were both drunk. Mary hands and feet were tied and she was thrown on the bed. The next morning Mary body was buried in shallow grave. This was Their first Victim.


 David and Catherine 

 David Birnie was born on February 16, 1951, to a notorious family in Wattle Grove, a rural area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Perth. He was the eldest of five children. According to him, the relationship between a man and a woman was only about sex. There is hardly a day in David's life in which he ate food made by his mother or his father. David's father was a man of ordinary form and appearance while his mother was not well regarded in the area because of her bad character. In 1960, the family moved from Wattle Grove to another countryside, where David met Catherine Harrison.

 Catherine's mother died in 1951 when she was only two years old. Her father, Harold, sent her to her grandparents house. At the age of twelve, Catherine met David. At the age of fourteen, they fell in love. When Harold found out about it, he repeatedly forbade Catherine, but the stubborn girl refused to leave David. Even at such a young age, the couple had a sex relation. David was involved in different crimes due to which he was repeatedly warned by the police.

 At the age of fifteen, David dropped out of school and became a jockey at a local racecourse. He was notorious for Beating horses. As a young man, David became sexually obsessed. He married to another girl at the age of twenty. Had only one daughter, Tanya.

 Due to her young age and the pressure of her father, Catherine eventually left David and began working for the Laughlin family. At the age of 21, she married Donald Laughlin. They had seven children, including the eldest son, Died in a car accident. In 1985, Catherine left Donald and six children and settled with David. David then worked in a car workshop. The two were never married, but Catherine always wrote her name as Catherine Birnie. The killer couple practiced To rape women at home for a year. They wanted sex in every possible way. And when their practice was over, Some girls of Perth faced worst experience.


 Second Victim

 Two weeks after Marie Nelson's assassination, they abducted 15-year-old Susannah Candy. She was a student of Hollywood Senior High School. Her father was a famous surgeon of Western Australia.

They took her to Willagee Where she was raped by David. The Couple killed her.



 "Where are you, Kate?"

 "Mom, I'm fine. I drank a lot at the bar. I'm not feeling well now. I'm at a friend's house. I'll be back soon."

 "But Dear..." The call was cut off. Mother looked at the receiver in surprise. Kate didn't drink.


Two More

 Noelene Petterson, a 31-year-old bar manager at Nedland Golf Club, was helpless. Her car ran out of fuel on Canning Highway. In the dark of night, she was in trouble because of her own carelessness. She was thinking of asking someone for a lift when a car approached her. She peeked out. There was a man and a woman in the car.

 "Can we help you?" The woman asked.

 "Yes please ... the car has run out of fuel if you give me lift ..." she said hesitantly.

 "Yes, yes, why not ... let's sit down." She hesitantly got into the car and that night had begun to ruin her. The knife was placed on her neck and she was brought to the Moorhouse in Willagee. Here David devilishness was on the rise. For three days in a row, he was fulfilling his lust.

 "Kill her now, David." Catherine finally got annoyed and demanded. She felt Jealousy with Noelene. "Kill her or I'll kill her." And David didn't want to get angry with her. Noelene was drugged and put to sleep and strangled in her sleep. It was a pleasure for Catherine to see all this. This was their third victim.

 Their fourth victim was Denise Brown. Denise, who was waiting for a bus on the Sterling Highway, was offered a lift and treated like the other three. She was killed with an ax.


Kate Moir

 Seventeen-year-old Kate Moir was also offered a lift. After coming with them, she was treated the same as the first four.

 "What do you want to do with me?" She asked in a startled tone.

 "Just one night baby ... nothing more" Catherine lovingly touched her head. She stayed in bed with them that night ... and that night was terrible for her. They were both drunk. Sometimes They would get up and start dancing and sometimes they would shout. They were forcing her to dance with them. They forced her to call her mother, she showed cleverness and warned her mother. Her search had begun. The next day, when David went to work and Catherine took drugs, she forgot that the chain with which Kate was tied did not lock. She got the chance. She broke the lock of the room window and went outside. She got out, but her head was injured when she jumped from a height. The dog followed her, but somehow she managed to jump over the gate. On that day, November 10, 1986, Kate broke into a shop and managed to call the police from there. At first no one believed her, but a police officer, Lara, realized the truth. David And Catherine was arrested. They refused to confess, but was convicted on the basis of Kate's testimony and a few pieces of evidence, after which they both confessed to their crimes. Both were sentenced to life in prison four times. David committed suicide on 7 October 2005 , while Catherine is still in prison. Her pardon request has been rejected several times. This story of brutality is still popular in Australia.