Mystery and History of Australia's Most Haunted Spot

2020-06-29 14:10:48 Written by Nimra Noor

The Pool Of Devil

There is no shortage of places in our world where extraordinary events are of interest to us. It is an interesting task to discover the stories of any place that is mysterious. A similar place is also in Queensland, Australia. There is a devil pool.

 There are many legends about the story behind the Devil's Pool or the souls of the people around it, but there is a terrible fact about this pool that this pool has killed eighteen people so far. All over Australia, There is no Mysterious spot where so many people have died.

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 Devil's Pool or Babinda Boulders is a natural pool in the Babinda area of ​​Cairns, north of Queensland. Babinda is a small town. It is located 60 kilometers south of Cairns. It is a beautiful place to visit. We can see natural beauty everywhere.


The Mystery


 Eighteen Young men have died in this pool so far. One of the reasons for the death of so many youths is that the water of this pool is very fast and its slope is dangerous but what is the reason that only youths die in this place? The Govt Has now put up warning signs around the pool stating that the pool is dangerous, Be careful.

In victims list who have died in this pool,There was a couple who were standing near the pool and talking when a sudden flood wave swept them away. Remember, such a flood has never been seen in this pool before. The Girl managed to escape but the boy died.

 Another victim who died a mysterious death was a young man from Tasmania who came to see the pool in 2008. His friend said that two hands grabbed his friend and threw him into the pool.

 This series of deaths has been going on since 1959. There are many stories about Devil's pool but the following is most interesting story that people believe.

Famous Story

 According to legend, there was a tribe living near this pool where a beautiful girl Oolana lived. She was married to a respected member of the tribe, Waroona. Some time later, another tribe came to this area. There was a boy of that tribe. His name was Dyga. Dyga and Oolana fell in love with each other. Oolana left her first husband and went with Dyga. The tribesmen found them but instead of separating, Oolana and Dyga jumped into the same pool and Committed suicide.

 According to people, this place is now occupied by their ghost which kills the youth.

 Interestingly, only one of the 18 victims of this pool, is a woman. The government has banned entry to the area, but mysterious incidents continue.

 A tourist has claimed that he has taken a picture in which the soul of an unknown woman is bathing in the pool.

 Everyone is unaware of the truth.