Russian Ghost Radio Station

2020-06-30 12:18:37 Written by Amaan Saeed Khan

"Mysterious Radio Station"


       In this age of modern technology there will be very few people who know about DXing.

 Dates back to the early twentieth century, when radio was the only source of information and entertainment for people in the media, covering issues such as natural disasters and wars in a timely manner.

 That's why thousands of people around the world listened to the radio.

 Some of these listeners were called DXers because they were DXing listeners.

 Unlike ordinary radio listeners, DXers did not listen to regional radio stations, but preferred to listen to radio stations broadcast on AM bands from other distant lands.


 Those who made DXing their hobby had many radio receivers in their rooms and large antennas on the roofs of their homes so that they could listen to as many remote radio stations as possible. They had the names, frequencies and broadcasting times of stations broadcasting from around the world.


 The period from 1930 to 1950 was the heyday of this hobby as it was a war period and even if regional radio stations and other media were affected by the war situation, DXers would tune in to remote stations from their system. That way they could hear every news.


 In those days, when facilities such as mobile phones and the Internet were not available, the military also relied on radio signals.

 Military orders were issued on radio signals in form of numbers and codes that the wanted people could listen to on wireless sets.

 That's why while dXers were trying to capture distant signals, they were also interested in deciphering codes issued by the military and agencies from their systems.

The Mystery

 In today's Mystery, we will talk about one such mysterious radio station which has kept the dXing alive even in today's age of modern technology.

 This mysterious radio channel, which has been running for 40 years, still exists today, is listened by thousands of people and is a mystery to researchers.


       If you have an old-fashioned radio set in your house that supports FM band as well as AM band, you can turn it on, set its frequency to 4.625 MHz and sit anywhere in the world. Listen to the mysterious radio station commonly known as The Buzzer.

 Even if you don't have an AM band radio, you can listen to it on the websites of any of the online radio stations on the Internet.


 UVB-76 is a mysterious radio station known by many names besides The Buzzer. This mysterious radio station has been operating at its own frequency 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the last 40 years, but to this day no one has claimed who operates it.


 The mysterious radio station UVB-76 has a specific tone that rings 24 hours a day and is named "The Buzzer" because of this specific buzz. By the way, this channel was started between 1970 and 1980, but the first regular report on it came out in 1982.


 This continuous ringing tone is sometimes muted for a few seconds on certain unknown occasions and then a secret message in Russian language with some numbers and names in the voice of a man or woman is broadcast and then the channel returns to its specific tone.


 Interestingly, the online fan following of this radio station is in the thousands. Thousands of people around the world listen to this channel who try to record these secret messages and then try to understand these numbers and codes for many years.

 In the mysterious short broadcasts on the Channel, sometimes there is a gap of years and sometimes a message is heard even after a week.


 Radio technology experts say that this mysterious radio station broadcasts from an unknown location in Russia and broadcasts live.

 That is, no sound is recorded and played on the radio station, but the tone is broadcast live by placing a speaker-like device near the radio mic.

Secret Message

 After the end of 1991, many people thought that UVB-76 was a secret channel of the Soviet Union, so after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there would be no message on this channel, but all of them were wrong. Many DXers claim to have heard messages since 1991, and then on December 24, 1997, Polish DXer Jane Michaelsky became the first person to record a message after years of hard work.

 The message was in Russian, in which the channel is first named UVB-76 and then a message with some names and numbers.


 Original message

 (Ya UVB-76, Ya UVB-76. 180 08 BROMAL 74 27 99 14. Boris, Roman, Olga, Mikhail, Anna, Larisa. 7 4 2 7 9 9 1 4)


 In another recording, recorded in November 2001, someone says, "I'm 143 and can't receive content from the hardware room."

 It seems that there is a two-way communication on this channel. This means that anonymous listeners can also contact the radio operator on the same frequency.

In 2010


 The year 2010 was the most important year for UVB-76.

 In the same year, the channel was noticed by the international media and the investigation on the channel gained so much momentum that the channel was shut down for a few days.


 Meanwhile, an investigative team noted that as the channel closed, a military base on the outskirts of the Russian capital, Moscow, shifted to another area.


 The same team claims that when the military base shifted from there, they visited there.

 They said that the area near Moscow is called Povarovo and is a swampy area not far from St. Petersburg.


 There is a building made of square iron doors with many old obsolete radio towers behind the rusty door bars.

 The building has been used by the Russian military since the beginning of the War, and the mysterious building was the headquarters of The Buzzer radio station, which has now been moved to an undisclosed location.


 The investigation team also shared several photos of the mysterious building on its website, which showed the remnants of an old radio station system on the walls. They claim to have found some papers in the building that had something written in code words.


 In addition to the mysterious secret messages on the channel, conversations in Russian have also been heard. It is said that since the channel was moved from one place to another, some errors occurred due to the newly installed system.


 In November 2010, the channel's tone suddenly faded and due to a mistake, the telephone conversation in the channel group was transmitted on the radio frequency. For half an hour, several short telephone calls were heard in code Words between some people in Russian.

 All of these calls were similar to the military language and involved the duties of different people.


 As early as 2010, the channel is said to have changed its name from UVB-76 to MDZhB due to relocation, which was renamed ZhUOZ in 2016 for some unknown reason.


 A special message was also heard in 2013 stating that "Command-135 has been issued". What was Command-135,is still unknown.



 This series of mysterious voices and secret messages, which are constantly on a certain frequency, continues today. Many messages were also recorded in 2018, 2019 and recently on 18 June 2020, but to date no one has been able to decode any code, nor has anyone been able to determine exactly where it is being broadcast from and what is purpose of Broadcasting. However, different views are circulating in the world about this broadcast.


 The general idea about UVB-76 is that it is a Russian agency channel that gives instructions to Russian spies around the world. Radio frequency is used to keep spy messages secret and secure from the world because telephone, internet and mobile phone transmissions are closely monitored by other countries' institutions.


 The mysterious tone that is constantly heard on the channel is also thought to contain hidden messages that the recipients will know how to decode, but radio technologists say this is not the case because if someone else is in the tone. If even a small amount of data was included, the Sound Views device would determine it.



 It is incomprehensible why such a risky medium is being used in today's modern age where there are facilities like the Dark Web for the delivery of any secret messages. That is, the use of a radio station that millions of people around the world can listen to.

 Secondly, if it is a channel of an intelligence agency, then any country can easily disrupt their work, at least in their own country, by using more powerful signals on the same frequency.

 The third incomprehensible thing is that if this channel belongs to an intelligence agency, then why does this intelligence agency need to play a constant tone on this frequency. In this way, the agency is bringing itself into the eyes of others, which could endanger their spies spread around the world. A few more such questions disprove this idea.

Dead Hand Switch

 Another important theory that is common about The Buzzer is the "Dead Hand Switch".

During the Tension between the United States and Russia, it became known that Russia had installed an automated system in response to the use of the atomic bomb by the United States, so that if the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Russia, Russia's Automatic atomic bomb will hit America.

 This system was called dead hand switch. Many call The Buzzer Russia's dead hand switch. They say that stopping the constant mysterious tone means the destruction of Russia. The day this tone stops, the automatic system will drop a retaliatory atomic bomb on the United States. This theory was completely refuted after 2010 because in 2010 the mysterious station was closed for a few days and Channel Tone was completely silenced.

 But theorists say the dead hand switch may have been deactivated for a few days during the channel transfer.

Ghost or Aliens

 Some even suggest that these sounds may be signals sent by space creatures, while others see it as a haunted channel, but the tone of the channel has sometimes the conversation of people around the mic in the room that disprove the notion that the channel is haunted or operated by space creatures.

The Buzzer

 If there is one logical theory about the mysterious The Buzzer, it is that it is operated by the Russian military. Because after the transfer of the military post, on the one hand, the channel was closed for a few days and on the other hand, the name of the channel was also changed.

 And then the first message from the new location was "Command-135 released" which could probably mean that the channel's location has been changed.


 But even this theory raises some questions.

 The first is why the Russian military has not accepted it as its property in 40 years when it is not illegal.


 The other thing is why the military needs to play a constant tone on a frequency when its listeners will know when and at what frequency instructions are issued to them.


 The third thing is how the any other military stays in touch with each other?

Surely, the military has many more resources, so why are they using a 50 years old method?


 These are some of the questions that cause thousands of people around the world to hear this mysterious sound that is constantly coming up at a certain frequency, and it is still a mystery to radio experts as well as other researchers.