The Lonely Heart Killers

2020-06-30 17:57:46 Written by Nimra Noor

The Lonely Heart Killers

There are many forms of human psychology. Sometimes human beings are devils in human form and sometimes angels.

 The two people mentioned in the blog today are a blot on the name of humanity. Their story is very long but we wrote a short review on it.

Last Victims

 The year was 1949 and it was March when Delphine Downing met them. She did not know who Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck were. They said they were siblings. Downing met them with the help of a ad published in a romantic magazine. The advertisement said that they are looking for a suitable relationship for single people. Downing was a 28-year-old widow and she had a two-year-old daughter.

 They stayed there for a few days when Downing learned that they were not siblings. She became suspicious of them. Fernandez gave her sleeping pills.

  The two-year-old daughter was crying. Martha didn't like her crying. She picked her up and threw her into the water basin. The baby kept screaming and eventually died. They buried both bodies in the same house.

 They were their last two victims. Neighbors became suspicious and called the police. On the morning of March 1, the two animals were caught.

Raymond Fernandez

 Raymond Fernandez was born on December 17, 1914, to a Spanish family. His family moved from Hawaii to Bridgeport, Connecticut. At the age of 20, Fernandez, a laborer in his uncle's farm, married a woman and had four children. Fernandez later separated from them.

 During World War II, he worked as a British spy and later suffered a head injury in an accident. The brain injury completely changed him. His sexual and social behavior changed. He had to spend a year in jail for committing petty thefts, where he learned black magic from a fellow prisoner. He wanted to control women.

Martha Jule Seabrook

 Martha Jule Seabrook was overweight from childhood. Her childhood was bitter. According to Martha, who was born on May 6, 1920, she was raped by her brother. Martha had intense sexual desire. After completing her education, she became a nurse and became pregnant after having sex with a boyfriend. The boy refused to marry Martha. After that, Martha's path became connected with Alfred Beck and Martha, She became the mother of a child. The two got married but soon Alfred left her.

 While working in a children's hospital, Martha began to live in a fantasy world, after which she saw an advertisement and then met Fernandes.

And They started The crime

 The two settled in New York. Martha gave her children to a church. Their intention was to rob single women and their wealth, but as soon as Fernandez had sex with a woman, Martha used to kill this woman.

 They killed three women, including 66-year-old Janet fay. That was the number of women who were confirmed. According to a report, the two had killed about twenty people.

 Janet Fay's family filed a report against them, but they fled New York to Michigan, where they were arrested after killing Downing.

They gave an ad in a romantic magazine for lonely hearts, that's why people call them "The Lonely Heart Killer"

 They were hanged on March 8, 1951. Martha said her crime was love.

 Countless films were made about these two.