Mysterious Death of Elephants

2020-07-03 21:47:39 Written by Nimra Noor


The death of hundreds of elephants in Botswana over the past two months have added to the authorities' concern, with the government saying no one knows why the animals are dying.

 The elephants were found dead near lakes, canals and near the villages. According to a report, some elephants were seen staggering and falling.

 The deaths occurred in the Okavango Delta, home to more than 15,000 elephants.

 According to experts, it could be an epidemic but the disease could not be diagnosed.

Dr McCann

 Dr McCann, of the UK-based charity National Park Rescue, told the BBC that local security forces first alerted the government in early May when they flew over the Delta. They Marked 169 in hourly flight. A lot were marked in a three hour flight again.

 A month later, further investigations revealed many more corpses, bringing the total to more than 350. He added that, given the number of elephants, it was "absolutely unusual" dying in a single event unrelated to drought.

. "It's just elephants dying and nothing more," said Dr. McCann. "If cyanide had been used by poachers, you would have expected another death"

Dr McCann has also temporarily ruled out the natural anthrax poison, which killed at least 100 elephants in Boston last year. But they have failed to eliminate poison or disease. Dr. McCann pointed to the COVID 19 epidemic, which is thought to have originated in animals. On the other hand, The acting director of the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks, told the Guardian that they have so far confirmed the deaths of at least 280 elephants and are in the process of verifying the rest. However, they did not know the cause of death of the animals. 

Peoples are expecting results in the next two weeks but this new Mystery is shocking for the world.