The Worst Deal of the Century

2020-07-04 17:07:53 Written by Nimra Noor

What can you Sacrifice?

What can you sacrifice your hobby? I'm sure some people will ask for a big sacrifice because the hobby doesn't has a price but in this blog i mentioned a guy who made a deal for the hobby which would be called the worst deal of the century.

Wang Shangkun


  In 2011, a young Chinese man named Wang Shangkun decided that he wanted to buy a new iPad 2. However, as a 17-year-old from a poor area of ​​China, He could not pay the price of the device.


  So everyone will ask what he did?


 Why, he did what I believe a rational teenager would do. He pulled himself together with his bootstraps, worked hard and accumulated some real savings to afford the luxury item. Okay fine?


  Nope, He didn't follow these old methods. He had a new idea for this purpose.

Instead, Wang chose to sell his kidney on the black market.


  This is one of the things I expected to hear only as figure of hyperolic speech , but not. This is real.

  It all started when the young Mr. Shangkun was approached by an organ cutter in an online chat room.


  "When I was on the internet, a kidney agent sent me a message saying that I could get 20,000 [yuan] from selling a kidney."


  For those of you who don't know, 20,000 yuan is the equivalent of 3,000 Dollars. The market value of the human kidney is 80 times higher than that, but for a frustrated young man like Wang, 20 thousand yuan was definitely enough for him.


  Now, this child's mind is clearly lubricated by consumerism, because despite the fact that he agreed that organ transplants have been illegal in China since 2007. The surgery was performed by two corrupt doctors working in local hospitals.



  Despite the location and lack of post-operative care, Wang Shangkun survived his surgery and received the promised payment. His kidney was sent to an unknown recipient, and Wang used to buy Apple's most advanced products at the time, the iPad 2 and iPhone 4.


  When asked by the media about his decision, Wang said:


  "Do I need another kidney? One is enough."


  It might have been a cool line at the time, but do you know which one isn't cool?


  (Not in any particular order)



  Kidney failure

  Organ failure

  The negative health risks of black market surgery also proved very real for Wang Shangkun, and he suffered from organ failure within months. He is now 26 years old, bedridden for life and stuck with a dialysis machine, the only thing that keeps him alive. Perhaps most ironic is that he now desperately needs someone to donate his organs.


  All this for two Apple products that are now literally obsolete? I hope it was worth for Wang, because he certainly paid the price. As a teenager, consumerism brainwashed him into making one of the worst, most damaging deal of the century. He will refrain from this decision for the rest of his life, although it may be too short or too long.


  It was reported a few years ago that he was now facing a serious health problem. This stupid boy is suffering from headaches and other common diseases.