The Lions Saved Girl

2020-07-09 14:34:24 Written by Nimra Noor

According to BBC News




 In June 2005, a 12-year-old girl was abducted by four men on her way home from school.

 Initial investigations did not yield any results, but police continued to search for the abductors. A week later, police found the abductors while they were trying to flee the city with the girl.

 According to reports, the girl somehow escaped from the clutches of the kidnappers but after a while they surrounded the girl again. They were about to catch her when suddenly three lions came from somewhere and they chased the kidnappers. The kidnappers fled.

 The BBC reported that the news spread like wildfire, quoting a local policeman. The policeman's name was Sergeant Wondimu Wendaju

 According to Sergeant Wondimu Wendaju:

 "When we got there, the lions were protecting the girl like a gift. When they approached us, they went to the forest without harming the girl."


 It should be noted that until 2018, it has been common in Ethiopia to kidnap girls and marry them. According to a 2018 UN report, brides were abducted in 70% of the country's marriages. This reprehensible act has been carried out mostly in rural areas. The abduction of this girl was, of course, purpose of such a marriage.

 The lion is a very dangerous beast. Then how was it possible that he would protect a weak and helpless girl instead of attacking her!

 Lions experts questioned the veracity of the incident.

 The BBC also included the views of some experts in the report.

 Some experts said the lions were preparing to attack the girl, but fled in fear when police arrived on the scene. Meanwhile the police thought that the lions were protecting the girl.

 Another expert suggested that the little girl may be crying out in fear of the kidnappers, and that her cries may sound like lion cubs And that's why lions were all around her.

 The International Fact Checker website (Truth or Fiction) called the story controversial. Because no human logic can prove that a group of lions protected a helpless girl.

 But in the world we live in, we have heard and read about miracles many times. Many people have seen them.

 So maybe this is a miracle too!

 Believe it or not

 In Africa, the event is described as a miracle.