A Feral Child

2020-07-11 11:05:44 Written by Nimra Noor

Oksana Oleksandrivna Malaya

, born on November 4, 1983, later known as Oxana Malaya, is a Ukrainian woman who is known internationally for her "dog-like" behavior. Malaya has been a part of many documentaries, interviews and sensational news.

 In these movies and interviews, it is known as "A feral child raised by dogs".

Feral Child

 A feral child (also called wild child) is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and so has had little or no experience of human care, behavior or human language.

 Numerous confirmed and unconfirmed incidents have come to light about such children. According to the researcher, such children are mentally handicapped. They also face great difficulty in carrying out their daily activities.

Sad Story of Oxana

 According to doctors, Oksana Malaya was normal at birth. Her parents were addicted to alcohol. They were both intoxicated all the time. When Aksana Malaya was three years old, her parents did not pay much attention to her. Malaya spent most of her time with the dogs in the house.

 By the age of seven-and-a-half, Malaya had developed many dog-like habits. When a government department took Malaya into its custody due to parental negligence, Malaya had changed a lot. She walked on hands and legs. She could not speak properly. She barked like a dog and slept on the floor like them. Seeing this situation, Malaya was taken by government department to a medical center. The medical center was set up for mentally handicapped children. She was treated here for a long time. She had to undergo special therapy.

According to Doctors

 After much treatment, she was able to speak and perform her daily activities.

 According to doctors, there is little chance that she will ever fully recover.

 In 2001, the Russian TV channel NTV made a documentary about her life.

 In 2013, Malaya gave an interview on Ukraine's national TV, where she talked a lot about herself and answered a lot of questions.

 Malaya said that she also wants to lead a normal life. She also wants to have a boyfriend with whom she can talk and hang out.

Dog Girl

 She also said that she feels bad when people call her "Dog Girl" but people don't care about her feelings.