Strangest Suicide in American History

2020-07-14 12:57:56 Written by Nimra Noor

Strange Suicide


 When a man named Ronald opus wanted to commit suicide, the easiest way for him to do so was to jump from the building in which he lived. He jumped from the tenth floor of the building and left a letter for his family in which he stated that he had committed suicide because he was frustrated with life.

A Twist


 But when his post-mortem report came out on March 23, 1994, the cause of death was determined to be Ronald's death, not a fall from the roof, but a bullet to the head.


 An investigation revealed that Ronald had been hit by a bullet from the same building where he lived, and that the bullet had been fired from the ninth floor, where the elderly couple had lived for several years.


 Neighbors learned that the couple were fighting all the time, and strangely enough, when Ronald threw himself from the roof, the old man, holding a pistol, was threatening to kill his wife.


 In a fit of rage, the husband inadvertently fired at his wife, but as she was away from the target, the bullet came out of the window at the same time that Ronald jumped to his death. A blow to the head, which caused his death.


 There is Still a Twist in the Story


 The old man was tried in court for inadvertently killing a man but he insisted that the couple fight all the time and he always threatens to kill her wife but the pistol was always empty. Yes, it does not contain bullets.


 Further investigation revealed that one of the relatives of the elderly couple had seen the couple's son loaded the pistol a week ago. The reason was that the mother had refused to give financial support to the son. So the son decided to get rid of the old parents. He knew that his parents were fighting all the times and while fighting Father would pull an empty pistol on her mother so he loaded the bullet into the pistol so that he could two hunts with one.


 But the bullet did not hit his mother and hit Ronald in the head as he was committing suicide. And so the charge of murder went from the father to the son.

Another Twist

 The strangest thing about this whole incident is that Ronald himself was the son of these two elderly couples and he was the one who loaded the pistol so that he could get rid of his parents.


 But due to poor financial situation and father's delay in killing his mother, he decided to commit suicide and while jumping from the upper floor, he was hit by the same bullet that he himself had put in his pistol He was both a murderer and a victim.

Reality or Fiction

The truth of this story has always been debated. Some people think it's true and some lie. According to Wikipedia, this is a false story, while popular mystery websites have called it true. There have been many TV shows on it.