Two Suicides of One Heart

2020-07-15 15:45:36 Written by Nimra Noor

Sonny Graham

It was spring. It was a beautiful morning in southeastern Georgia. Sixty-nine-year-old Sonny Graham, while lying on the bed, was thinking about his daily routine. He had another important task ahead of him before he left for his family work. He also had to take his nine-year-old step-son to the dentist for a check-up today. The son had been complaining of toothache for a few days. Thinking about all this, Graham woke up. Freshened up, he drank coffee and then, thinking about something, he walked to the back of his house. There he picked up his 12-bore Remington shotgun and Turned his hand on it. Graham had killed many quails and doves with this gun. Suddenly he put the gun on the right side of his throat and pulled the trigger.


 About twelve years ago, on April 1, a person's suicide gave new life to Sonny Graham. Sonny Graham's heart was not working properly, he often had to go to the hospital. In 1995, he was informed that a heart was available in Charleston, if he wanted a new one.

 The heart belonged to Terry Cottle, a 33-year-old man who had committed suicide.

It was best solution of Sonny Graham's Biggest health problems.


 Graham went to Charleston for heart transplant.


 Terry Cottle committed suicide in 1995. According to sources, the day before the suicide, he had a heated argument with his wife Cheryl. His wife said that she could not support him on a low income. She took off her wedding ring and threw it away. By morning, they had decided to separate.

 Terry Cottle then went to the bathroom and committed suicide.

 Four days after his death, his wife agreed to donate all his organs.

 That was when Graham got the call he had been waiting for for a year.


 Sonny Graham was infected with a virus in 1994. The virus severely damaged his heart muscle. Doctors listed him as having a heart transplant.

Terry Cottle's Wife

 A year later, when Terry Cottle's heart was donated, a lottery came out like Graham's.

 All matching reports for transplantation are OK.

 Six months after the heart transplant, Graham began to feel much better.

 He wrote a letter to Terry Cottle's family in 1996 with the permission of the organ donor organization. He wanted to thank them personally.

 Graham and his wife met Cheryl in January 1997 at a restaurant for dinner.

"I don't know if it was Cheryl's beauty or Terry's heart!"


 Graham forgot to take his eyes off Cheryl.

 Graham later described his condition in a letter:

 "I fell in love with Cheryl when the first time I met her."


 That same month, Cheryl married George Watkins.

 In January 1999, Cheryl gave birth to George's son. In those days, Graham's wife, Allen, became suspicious of Graham's secret relationship with Cheryl.

 Graham acknowledged the relationship and apologized to his wife, saying he was responsible for ending his 38-year marriage.

 The couple separated at the same time. Cheryl and Graham began living together in October 2001(without legal marriage). But they were not happy for long. Cheryl and Graham separated in May 2002 after problems escalated.

 Graham made various allegations against Cheryl, including not returning a diamond ring.

 In response, Cheryl said that these are all baseless allegations. She has only told Graham that their relationship can no longer work. That is why Graham is making such strong allegations.

 Cheryl soon married a man named John B. Johnson. Johnson was an officer in a Georgia correctional facility. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last long and after various differences, it ended in divorce.

 Cheryl formally married Graham in December 2004, and the marriage lasted until Graham's suicide.

One Heart


 Cheryl was probably the only woman in history to lose "One Heart" twice.

 Graham had done one bad thing in his life, and that was to separate from Alan Graham. He was also very popular in his friends and children.