The Mother's Love

2020-07-18 14:06:55 Written by Nimra Noor


 The purest of all relationships in the world.

 You can repay everything but you can never pay the debt of a mother's love.

 Today we will tell you the true story of a mother who saved her daughter without caring for her life.

 This is the story of 23-year-old Fiona Simpson from Australia.




 In an interview with a news agency, Fiona said

 She was returning home from a coffee shop with her grandmother and daughter when it started to rain heavily. It slowed down, but now it was raining and hail was falling. The hailstones were large enough, at least the size of a tennis ball. When it became very difficult to move forward, Fiona stopped the car on one side. She thought she would start traveling again when the hailstorm stopped. Fiona's youngest daughter, who was four months old, was sleeping in the back seat.

 A sudden hailstorm shattered the rear window of the car. Fiona's daughter was in a very dangerous situation. There was no time to think. Fiona immediately jumped into the back seat and her body became a shield for her daughter's body. Fiona herself was seriously injured, but she managed to save her daughter. After going to the hospital, she posted pictures of herself on Facebook in which she appears to be seriously injured. She has deep scars on his back.

 Fiona wrote while posting her picture that

 "I learned a lesson today that you should never travel in a hailstorm."



 People generously praised his bravery and courage and expressed good wishes for him in these sentences.


 OMG truly awful. This mum Fiona threw herself over her baby (Clara) as they were pelted with hailstones in Australia. Shocking images. Sending you lots of hugs to both of you. Hope your recovery is fast. Well done mummy very quick thinking


 Holy moly! That is one amazing mom. Her baby probably wouldn't have had just bruises if she hadn't shielded her baby with her own body!


 Well done Fiona what a woman! That looks painful you must have been terrified. Hope you and baby are ok!


 no one is stronger than a mom .... salute to the lady.