Mystery of Hollow Sleep

2020-07-20 11:56:01 Written by Taimoor Ahmad


A motorcyclist was passing through an area of ‚Äč‚Äčnorthern Kazakhstan. He had to reach a town but he could not reach. The name of the motorcyclist was Victor. During the journey he started getting a mysterious intoxication. And suddenly his eyes closed. Victor's eye opened four days later in a hospital. He had no idea what had happened to him. He was not the first person to experience this strange event.



 Villagers in the Kalachi region of northern Kazakhstan have been suffering from an unknown disease for years. People with this disease fall asleep suddenly, sometimes they stay asleep for several days. Affected people complain of lack of memory after waking up. More than 140 such cases have been reported in the village, which has been named "hollow sleep". Now the heads of neighboring districts are offering to relocate villagers for new homes and jobs, according to the Interfax News Agency. Talking to the news agency, the deputy head of Esil district, said that priority is being given to families with children in the village. More than half of the village's 582 residents intend to relocate, the report said.

 The disease affects both the elders and children.

 Surprisingly, even pets are not immune to the disease. Some people reported that their cats and dogs suddenly fell while walking.

 With some people, this accident happened three times.


 Doctors began experimenting on different patients, but they could not reach any final results. No specific drugs were found in the bodies of the patients.

  Some people turned their attention to the uranium mines in the village, which had been closed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Ministry of Health inspected all the surrounding areas but found no radiation effects.

 But later, after a detailed check-up of all the patients and various experiments, it was found that the old uranium mines were behind this mysterious disease.

 The researchers concluded that this was due to high levels of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the air.

 The uranium mines were closed at some point, but sometimes carbon monoxide is released. This reduces the amount of oxygen in the air. Which is the real cause of sleep sickness in these villages. "


 Kazakhstani authorities have shifted many families to other places.