Binti Jua Saved A Boy's Life

2020-07-27 14:56:49 Written by Nimra Noor

Binti Jua is a female gorilla, like other guerrillas, she remained anonymous, but in 1996, when she was eight years old, she performed a feat that made her famous all over the world.

 She performed the feat on August 16, 1996, at a Brookfield zoo when a three-year-old boy fell into a guerrilla enclosure. The child fell from a height of about twenty-four feet. One of his hands was broken and one side of his face was also injured. The child fainted as soon as he fell.

 Binti Jua quickly leaped towards the child. The screams of the spectators standing above came out. But surprisingly, Binti did not harm the baby. Binti Jua carried her 18-month-old baby on her back and carried the three-year-old child to the door of her enclosure where the rescue team was present. It took the baby four days to recover and he spent the day in the hospital.

 Binti Jua then garnered international media attention and for months afterward, she received special food from zoo officials.

 People would come to the zoo exclusively to see it and take pictures of it.

 Experts say that because the gorilla was born in a zoo and grew up in humans, so she did not harm the baby. In contrast, on May 28, 2016, in another incident at the Cincinnati Zoo, when a baby fell in the enclosure of gorilla, the attitude of the gorilla was very strong. He dragged the child in the water with great cruelty. The zoo official, realizing the danger to the child's life, immediately shoot the gorilla.

 There are many other examples of animals (especially primates) demonstrating apparent altruism. In a situation very similar to Binti's, a male gorilla named Jambo, of Jersey Zoo protected a 5-year-old child who had fallen into his enclosure. Jambo was not trained to care for children and was raised in captivity by his own gorilla mother, so that his actions may have involved an instinctive sense that the child needed his help. Similar behavior has been seen in chimps who appear to comfort each other after an attack or other trauma.


 Binti Jua is now 32 years old. Her story is still told to visitors to the zoo.