Methods of Torture

2020-08-11 12:49:36 Written by Nimra Sanam

Thus, there are innumerable secrets of this universe which are not yet in the imagination of man. But perhaps the greatest secret of this universe is man himself. In today's we will tell you about the methods of torture that will make your hair stand at the end.

See how human discovered the way of Brutality.


1. Blood Eagle


 The most cruel way to punish a person with death, in which a person was tied with both arms. Then his skin was taken off in such a way that it looked like an eagle. The peeled skin looked like feathers from afar. The ribs were separated from the spinal cord and the lungs were expelled. Some people used to fill the skin with salt.



2. Brazen Bull


The ancient Greeks were experts not only in philosophy but also in many other things. It is said that a man in the court of Phalaris introduced a new method of executing criminals. The man's name was Perillos. He had brought to the court of Phalaris a brass ox which was empty inside. The person intended to be punished was put inside it and then a fire was lit under the bull. It was as if you were frying someone alive. The internal structure of the bull was designed in such a way that when the person inside screamed due to the heat, his voice came out as if a bull was barking in anger. Angered by Perillos' words, Phalaris first ordered Perillos to be thrown into the brass ox.That is, the saying came true that one who digs a pit for others also falls into it.


3. Swedish drink or Schwedentrunk


During the 30-year war between Germany and Sweden, the Swedes tried this violence on German farmers through army. Swedish drinks meant that people were forcibly fed animal and human waste. They would continue this movement until they died.

 The violence was often carried out to extort valuable treasures from farmers.


4. Coffin torture


In this procedure, the culprit was locked in an iron cage. The cage was too narrow for the body of the offender, and he was unable to move through it. The offender was usually stripped naked and locked in a cage, after which the cage was hung from a tree. Where he would eventually die of hunger and thirst. In some cases, passersby even threw stones at him. When he died, his flesh became food for birds and insects, and only the skeleton remained in the cage.

This method was tried not only on death row inmates but also on other convicts but they were released after being kept in cages for a few days.

5. Rat torture


Another popular form of violence.

This method was tried to answer the question of the culprit. The culprit was made to lie down and tied and then a rat would be placed on his chest or abdomen and a box would be placed on top of him. The box was heated from the outside, and as the box heated, the rat began to cut human skin and try to get out. But history also mentions some people who did not open their mouths in spite of such brutality.