The Dog Boy

2020-08-13 14:54:07 Written by Nimra Noor


What made you depressed today?




The most depressing thing which I came across is the story of The Dog Boy. Don't go on the name, he was not someone who would help the animals or would love them, he was the one torturing and tormenting them in his house

Gerald Floyd

Gerald Floyd Bettis, was born in 1954 in Quitman, Arkansas. He was described as a difficult child since the beginning. All kids are naughty in the childhood but Gerald was described as outrightly vicious and cruel.


He had a habit of catching and bringing the stray dogs, kidnapping neighborhood dogs and bringing them to his home (what a lovely boy bringing fostering the strays - that is how he acquired the name dog boy) but who knew that he had his sinister intentions full upto the brim. It was reported that he would bring more and more animals to his home and would torture them. The neighbors reported listening to howls of the poor beings in the middle of the day.


Things went more sinister when he started torturing his parents. It was found out that he locked his parents in the Attic and would torture and torment them. He would only feed them when he thought it was time for them to eat (sometimes once in many days).


Title Picture

Above is the real life image of Gerald (such an innocent looking boy - who knew of the sinister intentions under that smile)


What he was doing to his parents did not come to the picture till the time he threw his father out of the attic window. The poor old man survived the fall but the neighbors reported it to the police. It is also believed that Gerald killed his father by pushing him off the stairs.


He was caught when his mother broke her hip (supposedly from a fall) and had to be admitted to a hospital. The nurse reported that she saw Gerald slapping his mother several times and warning her if she told anyone about his tortures he would kill her. He was removed from the hospital and was arrested on his mother's testimony.


Gerald died in 1988 because of drug overdose. The house is believed to be haunted till date by Gerald and his father's spirits. People passing by have reported that they have seen a tall man dressed in brown coat staring out of the attic window. A medium also reported that Gerald's spirit cursed at them and told them to leave the house.


There is no reason for the house to be not haunted as so many heinous activities took place in the house. I only wish for Gerald's parents and all those animals to be at rest