The Gray Man

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 Do you know the story of The Gray Man?

Albert Fish

Albert Fish went down in history for being one of the cruelest criminals. He spent years abusing children and adolescents, some of whom he kidnapped, tortured, dismembered, and cooked to eat. During his arrest and subsequent trial, no one could believe that a completely macabre being hidden behind that fragile and timid-eyed old face.

     Her mother was 43 years younger than her husband, and when he died leaving him with so many children, he had to take some measures, such as sending him to an orphanage because she couldn't take care of him. There Albert began a life of calamities, being the place where he discovered and developed the personality of psychopath and sadomasochist.

At Orphanage

     From his arrival at the orphanage, he began to be mistreated, where he was constantly flogged, beaten, and humiliated by his companions. However, in that environment, he not only discovered that he liked pain, but even became aroused by the blows.

     Besides, his family had a history of mental illness. His mother had hallucinations and claimed to hear voices on the street. One of his brothers was insane and the other an alcoholic. Also, two of his uncles had been interned in psychiatric institutions.

Name Changed

     When Albert was 9 years old the woman retrieved her son and it was after that that the killer changed his name from Hamilton Fish to Albert Fish. The psychopath is said to have taken the name of a deceased brother and to have changed his original name because children used to make fun of him by calling him 'Ham and Eggs'.

     His first sexual experience was at 12 years old. He began to have homosexual relations and began to visit public toilets to see naked boys. By then he was already attracted to sadomasochism and had fun not only inflicting pain on other people but also himself, and he also began to develop a taste for coprophagy, which is a fondness for eating human feces, as well as for urophilia, which is the act of feeling pleasure or masturbating with urine. He also became interested in criminals who appeared in the press, so he began to collect material related to serial killers and especially to cannibals, with whom he felt especially identified.

In 1890

    In 1890 he moved to New York. At just 20 years old, he began to prostitute himself. But, unlike most of those who work in this profession, Albert was not looking for money but rather the possibility of experiencing new sensations in the sexual sphere. It was there that, he confessed years later, that he began to rape young boys.

     Aiming to help stabilize his life, Fish's mother found him a girlfriend and arranged a marriage for him. Thus, in 1898, Albert married a woman, who was nine years his junior. From that marriage, six children were born. Oddly enough, the killer did not seem to be a bad father.

It is said that a few years later he began to experience hallucinations. He became obsessed with religion, with the idea of ​​sin, and believed that the way to atone for guilt was through pain. For this, he used to inflict punishment on himself, cutting and rubbing his naked body against roses with thorns. He also used to prick needles in his body, especially in the pelvis and genitals.

As a Painter

     At that time he worked as a house painter and, according to the murderer confessed, during that time he came to sexually abuse at least 100 children, most of them under the age of six. In 1903, Albert was arrested for embezzlement. He was sentenced to prison and was sent to the Sing Sing State Jail. That imprisoned time served to reaffirm his sexual orientation since during those years he had sexual relations with several of the inmates. After that experience in prison, he was detained several more times. Some of the reasons were robbery, payment by bad checks, and even for sending obscene letters to ads for marriage agencies that appeared in the newspapers.


     After his arrest, he narrated all the aberrations he had committed throughout his life. He also confessed that the number of his rape victims was around 100. Fish confessed to only four murders. However, Detective William King, who was handling the case, believed he was responsible for three other crimes. King thought Fish might have been the rapist and murderer nicknamed "the Brooklyn vampire."

     Albert Fish was brought to trial for the premeditated murder of the girl Grace Budd. The trial, which began on March 11, 1935, in New York, lasted ten days. To defend himself, in addition to alleging madness, the murderer claimed that he heard voices from God ordering him to kill children.


     The criminal was sentenced to die in the electric chair. He arrived at the prison in March 1935 and was executed on January 16, 1936. He entered the execution chamber at 11:06 p.m. and three minutes later he was declared dead. Before dying, the murderer defined his punishment as the highest experience of his life.