The Rochester Monster

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Do you know the history of the Rochester "Monster"


Aileen Carol


Her real name was Aileen Carol Pittman, she was born on February 29, 1956, in Rochester (Michigan, United States). Aileen grew up practically an orphan. Her father had been convicted and imprisoned for pedophilia and soon committed suicide in prison.


Horrible Life


     Her mother abandoned her when she was 4 years old along with her brother leaving them in charge of some grandparents who would condemn them to a greater hell. Having no support, the relationship with her brother was very close.

     When she was little her grandfather abused her and assaulted her frequently. Sex began to be part of her life and, from the age of 11, she would use her body as a currency with which to obtain cigarettes, money, and affection. At the age of 15, she gave birth to a son who had to give up for adoption.


Kicked Out


     After giving birth, her grandparents kicked her out of the house. Aileen then became a wandering, lonely and troubled prostitute looking for life on the road. Her irascible and subversive temperament began to take its toll on more than one occasion. She committed all kinds of crimes: alteration of public order, aggression, use of weapons, driving without a license. Nor did she come when requested by the police or the justice.




     It was by chance that she met what would be the only love of her life, a woman who would give her affection, understanding, and company. However, his love for her was tinged with incitement to prostitution to maintain the family nucleus they had just created.




     On November 30, 1989, she murdered one of her clients after an argument, stealing her car and personal belongings. From that moment the life of Aileen and her partner would become a criminal wandering on the road. For 12 years Aileen and her partner travel from one place to another committing all kinds of misdeeds with which to earn a living. In between, 7 dead men, shot dead.

      At first, the police were clueless, but soon they found that all the murders had the same perpetrator. The female couple was already in front of the police target. In January 1991, Aileen was detained in a bar in New Baltimore, Michigan, and her partner was transferred to the home of a relative. She would be a key witness in the trial against Aileen. Thanks to testifying, he was able to escape prison.

     Aileen was unable to escape human justice, despite having reconverted to the most fervent Christianity. In January 1992 she was sentenced to death by lethal injection, a sentence that was served a decade later.