The Bob Lazar

2020-08-20 20:20:00 Written by Nimra Khan

Groom Lake - Nellis Air Force Test Range, Nevada Desert. 

Robert Scott Lazar born January 26, 1959 is an American conspiracy theorist who claims to have been hired in the late 1980s to reverse-engineer purported extraterrestrial technology at what he described as a secret site called "S-4". Lazar alleges that this subsidiary installation is located several kilometres south of the United States Air Force facility popularly known as Area 51.

In the 80's Bob Lazar claims to have worked for the government on a top secret mission at Groom Lake near "AREA 51" somewhere in the Nevada Desert. His job according to him was to "Back Engineer" a U.F.O the government had in it's possession. 


They told him they wanted to know how this U.F.O. operated. Bob Lazar claims to have seen this object and several others similar to it being tested and operated regularly by personnel at the location. 

I'm 1989 Bob Lazar went on a Nevada News Station and revealed in great detail what he had witnessed and worked on at Groom Lake. He claims to have watched these things operate and was amazed at the speed and the precise movements these objects were capable of. He mentioned that the objects seemed like they were "Controlled By Thought" to maneuver the way they did. 


He also told the news reporter that the tiny cockpit area was made for someone/something very short as he had to crouch to get around on the inside. He also said that after back engineering this object, he came to the conclusion that this object was powered by a unique "Gravity Amplifying" system. 


To this day Bob Lazar has stuck to his story and continues to give interviews and speak about his experience.