A Review On Alan Turing

2020-08-21 14:37:21 Written by Gianluigi Ballarani

"I had to choose between jail and castration"

In 1927


It was 1927 and he was the bottom of the class at St.Michael's secondary school in London. He had no friends and his teachers thought he was stupid: ''BOYS LIKE YOU ARE A SCHOOL'S DOWNFALL", the principal would tell him.


He managed to finish school and started university. He often went to class dirty and wearing his pajamas instead of a shirt, in the afternoon he would play tennis wearing only a raincoat with nothing underneath. 

Crazy College Guy

He was isolated by others, they all saw him as "THE CRAZY COLLEGE GUY". 


He kept to himself and began teaching himself scientific subjects.

He graduated with honors and started working. He was one of the first to do experiments in the field of artificial intelligence. He had an incredible talent, reasoning faster than others.

Second World War

The Second World War broke out and England noticed his talent. He continued his work as a mathematician and secretly collaborated with the English SECRET SERVICES. 

With HUGE skills he managed to decipher the coded messages that the Nazis would exchange between themselves and helped his country win the war. But he had to keep the secret.


The politicians would get the glory, the genius anonymity.

In 1952

In 1952, his home was robbed. He was sure that his ex-boyfriend was involved and so he report him to the police, revealing his HOMOSEXUALITY to everyone. 

But this was the 50s and in England being gay was a crime.

It did not matter if you were a successful man, it did not matter if you had changed the course of history forever: IF YOU WERE HOMOSEXUAL, YOU WERE SICK.


He was arrested and forced to decide: either prison or chemical castration. He chose the second, and he underwent hormonal "cures" that made him even grow breasts.


Two years later, depressed and humiliated by everyone, he killed himself by eating an apple soaked in cyanide. 


In 1976 a company was founded that chose a bitten apple as a logo: it is said that Steve Jobs chose it as a symbol in his honor.


He created the concept of artificial intelligence, laid the foundations for the revolution of information technology and helped defeat Nazism ... but nobody ever knew any of this.


His memory has remained buried for half a century, as a victim of human ignorance and the fear of being "different".


But behind being ''different", there is often a GENIUS.


This is the story of ALAN TURING.