Big Eared Midget

2020-10-14 18:46:25 Written by Nimra Noor

Cayetano Santos Godino


also remembered as "Petiso Orejudo" ("Big-Eared Midget"), was an Argentinian serial killer who stunned Buenos Aires at the age of 16. In the early 20th century, he was responsible for the killing of four teenagers, the attempted homicide of another seven children, and the arson of seven buildings.


Godino, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was one of eight boys, to Calabrian migrants. His daddy, Fiore, was an alcoholic and was cruel. He contracted syphilis before Godino was born, affecting him severe childhood health problems.


Beginning in childhood, Godino assassinated cats and birds and liked playing with fire. His destructive behavior and lack of involvement in schooling caused him to jump from school to school.

At age 7

When he was seven years old, Godino beat two-year-old Miguel de Paoli and threw him into a drain. A nearby officer saw this and led the youngsters to the police station, where their mothers gathered them a few hours later.


A year later, Godino beat Ana Neri, a kid in his area, with a stone. A police officer interfered, and Godino was released from jail because of his young age.


When he was 10, Godino's parents found his obsessive masturbation. Not understanding what to do with him, his mother notified the police, resulting in a two-month jail period.


On January 17, 1912, 


Godino set fire to storage on Corrientes Street. When he was charged, he told police,

 "I like to watch firefighters struggling. It's nice to see how they jump into the fire."


On January 26, 1912,


 Arturo Laura, 13, was found dead in an old house. A few months later, on March 7, 1912, Godino set fire to the suit of Reyna Vainicoff, 5, who did not recover and expired some days later.

In late September 1912,


He set fire to a railway station, which was extinguished without widespread damage. On November 8, 1912, he attempted to choke 8-year-old Roberto Russo. He was caught and accused of attempted manslaughter but was released until the prosecution. 


On November 16, 1912, 


He hit Carmen Ghittoni, who suffered minor injuries before a police cop interfered. On November 20, 1912, he abducted two-year-old Carolina Neolener, who screamed and was saved by a neighbor. Later in the same month, he set fire to two large sheds that were destroyed rapidly.


On December 3, 1912, 


Godino saw Jesualdo Giordano playing outside his home and offered to get the boy some sweets to satisfy him to go with him. Giving a few sweets then offering more, Godino took Giordano to a country home. When they were inside, he threw him to the floor and unsuccessfully attempted to strangle him with his belt. Then he cut his belt and bound his hands and legs. He began beating him and considered hammering his skull. He left the house looking for a nail and saw Giordano's father, to whom he told that he did not know where the kid was. He then re-entered the home with the nail. He hammered it into the side of Giordano's skull and hid the body. The body was discovered by the father minutes later. At 8:00 PM, Godino took off to the wake and tickled the head where he had fixed the nail. At 5:30 a.m. on December 4, 1912, he was arrested by the authority.


On January 4, 1913, 


He arrived at a reformatory, where he attempted to murder some of the inmates. Due to medical announcements, which declared him insane, the justice canceled the case and ordered him to live in the reformatory. On November 12, 1915, an appeal was accepted ordering him to be pushed to jail on November 20.


On March 28, 1923,


 Godino was sent to Ushuaia Penitentiary. Throughout 1933 he spent some time in the hospital for a beating, he suffered from fellow prisoners after he assassinated two of their pet cats. From 1935 onwards, he was constantly ill and received no visitors until he expired on November 15, 1944, under weird situations.