A Brave Escape

2020-10-15 14:29:06 Written by Damien Moon

We read and write a lot of articles and blogs every day but sometimes we read something that surprises us. There are cases where the human mind is amazed. Can we imagine a mother and stepfather treating a nine-year-old daughter in such a way that she risks her life and run away from home?. It must have happened in the world, but this nine-year-old girl took a route to escape that surprised everyone.




A heroic breakout story of a 9-year-old girl who escaped from her abusive parents.


On May 29th


On May 29th, 2020, a 9-year-old girl on her bare feet touched an outsider on the road telling that she was "Very hungry".

The gentleman, feeling that something was incorrect, brought the youngster to an available convenience store, gave her something to eat, and bought her a set of flip-flops.


The stranger, upon closer examination, discovered that the youngster had scrapes all over her body, some of her fingers were boiled and hardly damaged, and was bleeding from injuries on her head.


When the stranger inquired what had occurred, the 9-year-old told "daddy hit me, mama was watching", and with that, a sudden report to the authority was made.


The Changnyeong county police station began an investigation by charging the 9-year-old’s stepfather, a 35-years-old man

and her mother 27-years-old strange woman.


The husband and spouse were raising four kids jointly. While three of the youngsters were born between this couple, the 9-year-old sufferer was a kid birthed from the mother and her ex-husband.


The "other three children" were never harmed as the victim had been, but the parents always made the three children watch as they insulted the victim.


The police briefing according to the victim’s statement was terrifying.


The 9-year-old child has been chained by her neck for days in a small attic inside her home like a puppy. Her parents gave her food only once a day or even made their daughter starve for the whole day. The victim was briefly released when the parents prepared her to do house duties such as washing the dishes and cleaning the rooms.


It bring even worse

The stepfather would heat a frying pan, red hot, and used it to burn the sufferer’s fingers. The mother would also heat iron chopsticks like a soldering iron and burn the skin of the youngster’s feet. The parents would also try a glue gun and melt plastic, a variety that would only become flexible when it is heated to 200 degrees Celsius, and plastered the plastic on the child’s body. The parents would also fill up the bathtub with water and pick the child upside down and push the child’s head into the water just like water torture.




Around 10 AM on May 29th, the 9-year-old victim tried to flee from her house, risking her own life.


The sufferer’s home is located on the top of a 4-story flat. The 9-year-old climbed over the boundary of her balcony and stepped across a total of 10 meters on the top with a 45-degree angle slope.


When she eventually made it across to her neighbor's residence, after discovering that the home was empty, the first thing the 9-year-old achieved was to eat two instant ramen noodles and drink a bottle of coke.


The 9-years-old ran outside and was discovered by a decent Samaritan after 8 hours of walking barefoot.


Nowadays, all of the four kids are under good supervision at a child protection facility and the cruel parents are waiting for their prosecution.


More information:


I did some more reading and follow-ups to the news so I’ll make some updates.


1. The abuse started back in 2017.

2. When the girl was discovered she also had a broken tooth result of the torture.


3. The girl is now in the hands of her foster parent who is the youngster's first uncle (Eldest brother of the girl’s birth father). The 9-year-old especially requested to sent her to the first uncle who she is very fond of.


4. The stepfather is confessing to all the minor charges while rejecting the serious statements made against him (maybe to reduce jail time).


5. The mother is pleading guilty to minor charges but has said that she doesn't remember doing any of the serious sins that were declared against her, explaining that she is a schizophrenic (she does have a certificate of medical history to benefit her claims) and therefore not responsible for the offenses that occurred while she was impaired (this also perhaps is a try to reduce jail time, her lawyer announced that she dropped the glue gun by an "accident").


6. BGF retails, the company that owns the convenience store chain where the girl had gotten the food and flip flops, announced that they will pay for all of her medical bills.


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