Disappearance Of Timmothy Pitzen

2021-06-15 14:21:05 Written by Rober Lee

She cut her neck and wrist and left a note telling "You will never discover him". Six-year-old Timmothy Pitzen vanished shortly before his mum, Amy committed suicide and to this day no one knows where he is.

On the morning of May 11, 2011, Timmothy's dad, James dropped his son off for kindergarten at Greenman Elementary School in Aurora, IL. At around 8:30 am that exact morning, Timmothy's mum, Amy checked Timmothy out of school mentioning a family emergency. James was clueless about Amy's activities and was shocked to discover that Timmothy wasn't there when he came to pick him up at school later that day. In the school log book, he saw Amy had checked him out of class and called her many times to no avail.

Unknown to James, Amy and Timmothy started a surprising 3-day road trip. After checking him out of school, Amy went to a car repair shop and dropped off her SUV at around 10 am. One of the workers drove Amy and Timmothy to the Brookfield Zoo and at around 3 PM she arrived to pick up her repaired SUV and went to the KeyLime Cove Resort in Gurnee, IL where they spent the night.

The next day the two went to the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI, and stopped there until the next morning (security footage proves them checking out around 10 AM). At 1:30 PM that exact day Amy made a ring to her brother-in-law and said to him "Timmothy is ok. Timmothy belongs to me. Timmothy and I will be good. Timmothy is ok." Timmothy could be heard in the background of this phone and sounded usual, declaring that he was hungry. This was the final time anyone saw or heard from the kid.

At 7:25 PM, Amy was sighted at a Family Dollar store in Winnebago, IL where she bought stationery. Still, this time she was alone and Timmothy was nowhere to be discovered. She left for the nearby Sullivan's Foods at 8 PM and then went to the Rockford Inn between 11:15 PM and 11:30 PM.


Sometime that night (or early the next morning) she committed suicide by cutting her wrists and neck in addition to OD-ing on antihistamines. The inn's workers discovered her corpse at 12:30 PM the following day on May 14th. Amy left a statement and two letters in the mail (one to her mother and another to a friend) telling Timmothy was fine and with people who looked after him - only she never hinted who these people were. In one of her notes, she claimed that he would never be discovered. And another point, her cell phone was missing. Other things were missing including Timmothy's bag, his playthings, and clothes, the clothes Amy wore when checking out of the Kalahari Resort, a tube of Crest toothpaste, and an iPass transponder.


Authorities originally thought Amy had given Timmothy to other people to look after because his car seat was missing. Still, the car seat was discovered in Timmothy's grandma's possession in Wooster, OH - she had had it since a week before his disappearance.


When LE analyzed Amy's SUV they discovered traces of Timmothy's blood in the backseat. Still, they weren't able to determine how long time the stains had been there and one of the boy's relatives remembered that he got a bloody nose in the SUV about 12-18 months before his disappearance. The knife Amy took to commit suicide just had her blood on it.


Amy's SUV was visibly dusty and had dirt, tall grass, and weeds attached under it when it was found after her death. The LE brought the car for examination. According to the forensics team, Amy possibly stopped her car on a sand road treated with road marking dots. She then backed into a grassy area with oak and birch trees in the region. There was possibly a small body of water, such as a creek or pond, nearby. Amy then came to the region in which Timmothy vanished at least twice before he went missing, suggesting that she scheduled his kidnapping. Police found a mineral called anhydrite on the car. If forensics teams can figure out where it happens in the nearby soil, authorities may be able to pinpoint where Timmothy went missing. At the moment they guess the location is possibly in Lee County or Whiteside County in northwestern IL, but they are also supposing Carroll, Ogle, Stephenson, and Winnebago counties.

James declared he was puzzled by his wife's suicide and Timmothy's disappearance and had no suggestion where his son could be. He and Amy's mama both noted Amy loved Timmothy and they don't think she would have hurt him. Amy had endured depression and had reportedly left the residence before for extended times. In 2003 she tried to suicide by taking pills - she then stood on a mountain, passed out, and fell over the boundary. The couple repeatedly argued about money and James was furious that Amy went on a tour for her birthday without him. Rather, she took a female friend. Amy had urged divorce before her suicide and Timmothy's disappearance. According to her friends and family, Amy’s hugest fear was that a judge would take her son away because of her mental health problems.


All family members have been cooperative with the LE and none have been called suspects. Amy's missing cell phone was later discovered along Route 78 in the fall of 2013. Detectives went back to that place and completed a search but nothing else of interest was discovered. LE, still, found toll records that showed Amy made two unexplained trips months earlier to the region of rural Illinois where her last cell phone calls were tracked. Neither authority nor her friends and family have been able to discover a connection while noting that Rockford is residence to both an airport and train station.

"Generation Why did" a podcast that covered a concept that Amy possibly dropped Timmothy off with a nearby Amish town. Since the Amish community is off the radar and doesn't use electricity, they wouldn't have been news of Timmothy's disappearance. It's logical that Amy drove to the community and gave Timmothy off, having only met them for the first time. There's the belief that she spoke with the Amish once, as she had gone to the region twice before her suicide.


Aurora police are still interrogating this case and his disappearance remains unsolved.


What do you all believe happened to Timothy?