Former Soldier Adil Farooq Raja Arrested for Spreading False Information

2023-06-14 11:59:21 Written by Nabeel Khan

Adil Farooq Raja, a retired Pakistani Army major, has been apprehended in the United Kingdom. The UK authorities, specifically Scotland Yard, have detained the controversial YouTuber hailing from Luton. Raja has been summoned for questioning regarding his alleged role in promoting violence through various online platforms, including YouTube.


Adil Farooq Raja, a former soldier, had his channel on a video streaming service recently banned due to the dissemination of false information. Raja, known for his staunch support of deposed prime minister Imran Khan and his vocal criticism of Pakistan's military establishment, was arrested in Pakistan on charges related to multiple cases of inciting rebellion against the government.

Despite being a war-wounded veteran with over 19 years of diverse experience, Raja continued to attract attention for his outspoken viewpoints. Renowned for his astute analysis of current events and global politics, he frequently appeared in the media as a popular blogger and a prominent figure in geopolitical and defense discussions.


In a legal matter concerning criminal intimidation and breach of trust, a Pakistani court has issued a non-bailable arrest warrant for Adil Farooq Raja. The warrant was issued due to his alleged involvement in the aforementioned crimes.


Notable recent developments involve the apprehension of several individuals, including YouTuber and news anchor Wajahat Saeed Khan, Adil Raja, Shaheen Sehbai, Haider Raza Mehdi, and others. These individuals have been arrested in a case filed under laws related to terrorism and sedition.

Raja gained notoriety for his active propagation of propaganda against government agencies with the aim of sowing chaos.