What if America stop funding for WHO

2020-04-16 21:51:27 Written by Kainat Zahra

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What does it mean to withhold US funds?


 There is no definitive answer to this question. At the press conference, Trump said the review would take 60 to 90 days and his "investigation" was underway. But no details have been released on how the funding suspension will be implemented.


 And it is unclear whether the president has the authority to withhold funding for an international organization like WHO.


 According to Gostin, "if this money is already closed it is different," but the president can withhold outstanding payments or instruct agencies like the US Agency for International Development to cooperate. WHO.


 "There is a lot of volunteer funding provided at the agency level," says Kates, so it is possible for the president to demand that the Department of Foreign Affairs stop funding the CDCHO for project work. Do it

 How Much is the US Government?


 According to Gostin, "the United States is the largest single state donor in the world," so much of WHO's budget depends on US cooperation. "


 For the two-year period of 2018 and 2019, US aid in the WHO's total budget was about 20 percent of the total budget.


 According to a website - the United States contributes to the WHO's total budget at the national level - which accounts for 22% of the total amount.


 Money comes in two ways. The US contribution to the pool of diagnostic fees is 7237 million. That's 22% of the total tested fees, the largest share of any nation. In comparison, China accounts for 12% of the pool of money, and some low-income countries pay 0.1%.

 In addition, the United States

 Also contributes to various WHO programs - such as polio eradication, health, tuberculosis, and the spread of AIDS, and overcoming many such diseases.

 In the past, the United States has also contributed the most to volunteer support.


 The World Health Organization is running a two-year budget. Its total budget is 4.8 billion, for 2020 and 2021, to run its programs.


  "WHO's budget equals the budget of a major US hospital," says Lawrence Gostin, director of the World Health Organization. "This budget is equivalent to about a quarter of the United States budget to tackle a variety of ailments."


 According to Kates.

 WHO's one-year programs run at a hefty sum of $ 2.4 billion.


  Where do these situations go - and whether the US president stays in his position or withdraws from it? Only time will tell.