How Trump Want To solve Coronavirus issues?

2020-04-17 12:07:05 Written by Google

How Donald Trump want To solve the Corona virus problem?

 US President Donald Trump has proposed to address the Corona virus and its effects in three phases.

 The corona virus has spread to several countries and the United States is the most affected.

 Hundreds of deaths are occurring daily in the United States. Lockdown in the country has been extended for three weeks. Donald Trump has also stopped World Health Organization Fund. According To Trump the entire United States will open in three stages.

 In the first phase, restaurants and cinemas will be opened with strict restrictions

 In the second phase, travel will be allowed and schools and colleges will also be opened.

 The third and final phase will allow the weaker and the sick to socialize.

 In this way, the effects of the Corona virus will be reduced and social distance will be maintained.