Five Reasons,Why Not To Join Online Classes

2020-04-18 13:25:06 Written by Kainat Zahra

Five Reasons
Why not to Join Online Classes

 Online classes have been launched after schools and colleges closed around the world due to the Corona virus, in which students are taught at home via the Internet. This method is not new.  Sites and YouTube channels have been doing this, but today we will talk about why this method fails, why there should be no online classes or an online college or university.
 1. Schedule
 Regular scheduling of online classes is a daunting task. Like schools and colleges, you cannot create specific timetables, nor will the home-schooled students get up and start studying at any time. They are mentally not ready for this.  If so, if school and college routines are fixed then it is a different matter.
 It is not easy for lecturers to stand at home and give lectures at home comfortably, nor have regular classes of online classes been given to them. Especially in countries like Pakistan and India this method fails.
 3.Non serious Students
 It is for students to read and talk with friends and to read and talk on the Internet which they use as entertainment. This is why online classes are being made fun of all around the world and some video is being made every day in which they make fun of online class.
 4 - Assignment and presentation
 Writing assignments and giving presentations is a waste of time in an online class. Where many students are copying each other and submitting assignments, it is like sitting at home but the presentation is made in front of everyone. Its  Like giving a political speeches at home rather than on stage.
 5 - Internet connection
 The internet is not available in any corner of the country nor does it run at such a high speed that it can be read on a video call. There is no cheap way for every student to spend daily money and get internet package.  It is not easy to attend every student's class.
 Online universities are enough but their degree is not important. Online classes can teach us how to read but not talk to people.