MMR vaccine for Coronavirus?

2020-04-24 11:58:32 Written by Google

MMR vaccine

  There is a vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (German measles), the first dose of which is usually given to children aged 9 to 15 months, the second dose at the age of 15 months to 6 years, between doses,An interval of at least 4 weeks is required. The vaccine protects 97% of people from measles, 88% from mumps, and at least 97 from rubella. Immunizations are also preferred in people who do not have proof of complete safety.

  The MMR vaccine is widely used worldwide, with more than 500 million doses in 2001 in more than 100 countries. There are 2.6 million deaths each year before immunizations become common. The number dropped to 122,000 in 2012, and by 2018, measles rates in North and South America are much lower due to the use of vaccinations. Between 2000 and 2016, vaccination reduced measles mortality by a further 84%.


  The MMR vaccine was developed by Morris Hilliman.

 In a recent study, scientists discovered that the MMR vaccine could be used against the corona virus because of its similarity to the structure of measles and mumps.

 In further research, scientists at the University of Cambridge said that the COVID-19 does not affect children at the age of nine months because of the MMR Vaccination. Therefore, this vaccine can be an effective medicine against corona.