15 Tips for Google AdSense User

2020-05-01 13:00:57 Written by Qaafqalam

Google AdSense

 Google AdSense is the world's largest search engine Google's advertising program through which the practice of making money on the Internet is common nowadays. Before starting today's blog, let me say that our experience with Google AdSense has been excellent. Yes, and recently we have easily received our first payment. This blog is for those who are just starting their work just like us.

 1. Google AdSense requires that you have your own website or blog.

 2. Google AdSense has specific terms on websites and blogs, including a certain amount of traffic to the web and the age of the website.

 3. You can sign up for Google AdSense with your email account.

 4. Never click on your ads yourself after receiving them.

 5. Never go against Google's policy of buying clicks from friends or from any fake web.

 6. Always put your ads where everyone can see them. It will be appropriate at the top or in the middle of the blog.

 7. Publish quality content daily which will increase traffic and increase your earnings.

 8. Make your website page mobile friendly and fast

 9. Never place any ads on your web other than Google

 10. Keep the image and text font appropriate

 11. Use Western Union if you are from Asia to get payment while use bank account for other countries.

 12. The first withdraw you will be able to make when you complete 100 Dollars.

 13. Google will send a PIN to confirm your address, which will be at your desired address for one to three months.

 14. Protect the domain from being blocked by Google AdSense or it will be disabled

 15. Use CPC and keyword method to increase Earning.

Best of Luck For Your Web and Bloggs