8 Facts You should read about Ertugrul

2020-05-03 16:09:39 Written by Google

If we talk about today's top trends, then Ertugrul drama will definitely be included in these trends. Ertugrul is a character of history about which nothing has been confirmed. In this regard, an English historian said that Turkey has made a play on this character because they could show anything in this regard. In today's blog we will talk about eight points about this character that very few people know.

 1. Ertugrul is a Turkish word. Er means man and Tugrul means eagle.

 2. In the context of history, Ertugrul is considered to be one of the four sons of Suleiman Shah who was a brave and victorious man.

 3. Osmam, son of Ertugrul, founded the Ottoman Empire.

 4. According to some books, the date of birth of Ertugrul is January 1, 1198 and the date of death has three references, including September 1, 1281, 1282 or 1283.

 5. The present tomb of Ertugrul is located in the Sogut,City of Turkey Interestingly, the tomb of Ertugrul has never been confirmed as to whether it was indeed his tomb or not. Date which is written on it is 1886, It is written that this tomb also existed in the thirteenth century.

 6. Ertugrul's wife was Halima Khatun who had three children

 7- A surprising thing is written about Halima Khatun that Osman was born to her at the age of 67.

 8. Osman, the son of Ertugrul, had minted a coin on which Ertugrul's name was written.