Did Americans Really Go to the Moon?

2020-05-05 10:05:41 Written by Google

Did the Americans Really went To the Moon?

 Ten objections to which the United States did not respond.

 Fifty Crore people watched two American astronauts land on the moon on live TV on July 21, 1969. It was a dream that came true years later. Neil Armstrong became one of the most famous person after this. This mission was also called a drama and the narrators were Americans themselves. Today we will talk about ten questions that are asked to prove this mission as a drama but these objections have not been answered yet.

 1. There are no stars in the sky in the pictures shown on NASA's moon, but since there is no atmosphere, stars should be visible on the moon even during the day.

 2. In the pictures shown by the American astronauts, the American flag is flying on the moon but there is no wind on the moon. How can the flag fly in such a situation?

 3. The program that NASA showed on TV was recorded on slow scan television. Today, in this age of technology, when this tape can be cleaned, NASA refuses to give this tape.

 4. Bill Kaysing, who works for an American rocket company, wrote a book called "We Never Went to Moon".

  He wrote that when the United States did this drama, the probability of a man returning to the moon alive was 0.0017%.

 5. The Fox News documentary "Did We Land on the Moon?" also called the American drama a loss of millions of dollars just to humiliate Russia.

 6. Hollywood film director Stanley Kubrick said the drama was filmed in a studio directed by him.

 7. Pictures reaching the moon show that the astronaut's footsteps sank into the earth, but in reality a vehicle weighting several tons could not sink on the moon.

 8. Another question is how can a camera work on the moon at such a low temperature?

 9. Shooting on the moon has more than one source of light, while the only source of light in the entire universe is the sun.

 10. There is a code C written on a stone shown in the shooting which is used by the directors for shooting movies. Usually these codes are hidden but can be seen clearly in this video.

 Many such questions have never been answered by NASA. The question is, have the Americans really reached the moon?