Time Travel is Possible?

2020-05-05 19:16:36 Written by Google

The interval between two events is called time in science. Some people consider time to be the fourth dimension. They say that just as we can move back and forth in the dimensions of space, so it can be possible to move back and forth in time. After the discovery of black holes, scientists say that the ocean of time does not flow uniformly throughout the universe, but that the speed of time slows down near the body of a great mass.


 In this article we will look at whether time travel can happen and if so, by what means it is expected.

Is It possible to travel back in Time?


 What does time travel mean?


 This simply means that the faster you do something, the time will Be slower For You.

 Scientists also offer various examples for this.

 But first we will give you an idea of ​​the things that can make time travel possible.






 According to Einstein, space and time are intertwined. Some scientists believe that distant regions of space and time may be connected to each other through wormholes. In other words, if a body goes through a wormhole, it can go back and forth in time. But the problem is that to date, scientists have not observed the wormhole. Most scientists believe that even if wormholes were possible, it would be impossible for large objects other than atomic particles to pass through them.

 What are wormholes?

 Wormhole: This space-time tube is a space-time tube, a shortcut, connecting the remote parts of the universe. While traveling in it, you will travel faster than the beam of light that travels in space time. In any case, traveling faster than light in a wormhole could mean possible travel in time.

 According to scientists, it is not theoretically possible to travel faster than light, but this theory is based on the knowledge gained so far. The possible presence of dark energy, a new factor in the expansion of the universe at every moment, may also prove that it is possible to move faster than light. There is also a scientific theory that the universe is expanding every moment at a speed greater than the speed of light, according to which infinite speed is also possible. That is, we cannot logically limit speed to light.

 The above quotations prove that traveling in time, that is, moving forward leaving time behind, is a modern scientific theory.


 "I believe in time, in the future. Time flows like a river for all of us, but it flows like a river in another way, it flows at different speeds in different places and this is the key to travel in time. This idea was given by Einstein a hundred years ago. (Stephen Hawking)



 Black hole


 Another possibility is that if a spaceship orbits a black hole rapidly, it could go into the future. The reason for this is said to be that the speed of time becomes very slow due to a large bend in space and time near a mass of mass.


 A time machine that travels at the speed of light


 If a time machine is built that travels at or near the speed of light, the person sitting in it can also travel in the future. If a person travels in such a machine for a week, he can go about 100 years in the future. But there are also many problems with this assumption because it is not possible for any material body to travel at the speed of light.



 Travel in the past


 Unlike the future, traveling in the past is more difficult because in that case some unanswered questions have to be answered, such as if someone goes to the past and kills his grandfather, will he be present himself? Can a person correct his mistakes by going to the past?


 How do we know that time travel is possible?


 Einstein, the most famous scientist, said that "time and space" are interconnected.

 According to Einstein

 There is also a limit to the speed of our universe: nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).



 Time travel may or may not be possible in the future but it is a favorite topic in science fiction. Many books have been written on this subject.

   Many Hollywood movies such as "Back to the Future" have been made. In addition, many people have a strong desire for time travel and want to know what happened in our world in the past.

 Avengers Endgame, a super hit movie released in 2020.

 I have also shown time travel through quantum theory.

 In the future, man will be able to realize his great dream like "Journey in Time" or he will continue to entertain his heart only through movies and stories.

 We may have to wait a long time for the answers to all these questions.