5 Technologies that are only Available in China

2020-05-06 17:27:02 Written by Google

The world's 5 technologies that are only available in China




China is the largest country in the world in terms of population and it would not be wrong to say that China is also at the forefront of the world in terms of new technologies as China has created many things in this modern age that not only They are benefiting immensely as well as other countries of the world. There is no country in the world today where Chinese-made goods are not used.


But today we will talk about the technology that is being used only in China ... 






Transit Elevated Bus 


This bus plays a very important role for public transport. But its biggest problem is that it takes up too much space on the road and causes traffic problems. But China has also found a solution. In 2016, China introduced a bus that would run on both sides of the road, solving traffic problems - and making it easier for the public to carry up to 300 people at a time. ۔ Bus stations have also been set up for this while the length of this bus is 22 meters. To run it, tracks have been made on both sides of the road which hold it and run it.




Solar Panel Road 


China is also taking advantage of its roads. A transportation company based in China has been building Solar Panel Road since 2016. The first such road was built in Jinan, China. This is the world's first solar panel road. It took 10 months to build and is 1.6 km long. The road has three layers with a layer of solar panels in the middle. This road has been made so strong that even a small truck can run on it and this road will not be damaged. Its solar panels generate a large amount of electricity. You will not find this rare method of generating electricity anywhere else.






Camera Surveillance Network


The largest surveillance network in the world has been set up in Yen. The biggest advantage of this system is that if someone commits a crime, this system can identify and arrest the culprit within just 7 minutes. The most interesting thing is that the cameras installed in this place are not ordinary cameras. They have a system that scans people. It also includes a system that identifies criminals. These cameras are connected to the global network, so the culprit can be caught sitting in the police station.


In this regard, a column of Javed Chaudhry was also published recently. 






It is the largest telescope in the world. Its size is more than 30 football fields. Its construction was started in 2011 and it took five and a half years to complete. China spent 270 million dollars to build the telescope. In 2016, the radio telescope was ready for operation. The world's largest telescope is designed to detect signals of alien civilization. This telescope is very powerful. Its main purpose is to find and communicate with other creatures in space.








Floating Solar Farm


China is also taking advantage of the space above the water. In this Chinese farm, the solar plate is placed above the water. Solar panels are the safest and cheapest way to generate energy. China has the world's largest solar panel, which produces the most energy in the world. It is also an important means of reducing pollution inside China. And the electricity generated from them is being greatly benefited. It was built in 2016 and only China can do such a rare thing.


On the one hand, China is using roads for energy, while on the other hand, it is using water for its own purposes. 






Don't know when we as a nation will reach this destination ____