Last words of Great People

2020-05-07 15:59:08 Written by Google

People who have done something in life or something Special that has become part of the pages of our books. These people who have died are always alive in the pages of history, but did you know The words of great men that they uttered when they died are still repeated today.

 Today we will mention the last words of some celebrities when they died.

 1. Charles Darwin

 The last words of the famous physicist and geologist who wrote Darwin's Theory are repeated by many people in their lives but not at the time of death. These were the words.

 "I'm not afraid to die"

 Darwin died in April 1882.

 2. Napoleon Bonaparte

 Napoleon, the great French warrior, who spent the last days of his life in exile on a remote island, uttered only a few names in his last words.

 "France, the army, the commander, Josephine" Josephine was his wife's name.

 3. Karl Marx

 The last words of the famous German philosopher and sociologist were very interesting. When the servant asked him, "Do you want to say something?" He replied.

 "Get out of here, the last words are said by fools who can't say the whole thing in life."

 4. Mother Teresa

 Mother Teresa's name needs no introduction. Mother Teresa, who has been a support to orphans and helpless people in India for 45 years, said at the time of her death, "Christ, I love you."

 5. Thomas Edison

 Everyone knows the name of the famous scientist Thomas Edison. The last time Thomas opened his eyes in a state of illness, he said to his wife who was standing nearby.

 "What a beautiful view outside," he said

 6. Leonardo da Vinci

 The famous sixteenth-century inventor, philosopher, sculptor and architect Leonardo da Vinci was still concerned about his work when he died.

 "I disappointed everyone because my work did not reach the level it should have been."


 Such words are always part of history.