26 Amazing Facts About Hitler

2020-05-08 09:50:52 Written by Maryam SK

Almost everyone knows about Hitler's History and his life, but in today's blog we will talk about some things that very few people know.

 Who was Hitler? What was his real name?

 People interested in the history of Adolf Hitler must read.

 1. Hitler's first love was a Jewish girl.

 2. Hitler's family doctor Edward was also a Jew.

 3. Hitler had a photo of his mother everywhere. His mother did a lot for her children. Because of this, he had devotion to his mother.

 4. Hitler was a vegetarian. That is why he started a vegetarian campaign. He hated meat. He loved animals. But surprisingly, he who did not see the blood of animals kept killing human beings.

 5. Hitler created a large number of paintings and postcards. And when I searched for his paintings, I was amazed. His paintings always had autumn season. The leaves of the trees were not in most of the paintings. Amazingly, a soldier was also painted there and all the surrounding houses were reduced to rubble. As if he knew about the war of the future.

 6. Hitler loved music. He was so good at whistling that he could hum a song.

 7. Adolf Hitler's name is derived from the old German word Adolf Wolf.

 8. Hitler never visited concentration camps. He never openly wrote about the deportation of Jews. He always kept himself away from concentration camps.

 9. Hitler campaigned against smoking in 1930 and distanced himself from it. He loved himself or he was principled.

 10. Surprisingly, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but his nomination was not taken seriously due to the war situation.


 11. Hitler loved dogs and hated cats. He was afraid of cats. His favorite dog was the German Shepherd.

 12. Hitler killed his dog Shepherd before he killed himself.


 13. Eva Brown and Hitler met long ago when Eva Brown was only 17 years old and they got married a day before her suicide.


 14. Hitler had Parkinson's disease.


 15. Hitler hated his father and loved his mother.

 16. Jews remember Holocaust Day as Hitler's oppression.

 17. Hitler took photos of himself before every speech.

 18. Hitler launched a movement in which German women, especially German children, were born.

 19. British spies try to add female hormones to Hitler's diet. The goal was to quell Hitler's aggressive feelings and make him look like his sister, Paula, who also served as his secretary.

 20. Hitler's nephew fought against him. Hitler's half-brother's son was born in Liverpool. He tried to blackmail his uncle Hitler several times. He also wrote an article in London's Luck magazine entitled Why I Hate My Uncle. He later went to the United States and joined the Navy to fight Hitler.

 He was also honored after the war


 21. Hitler has been imprisoned and it was the Germans who imprisoned him at that time.


 22. Hitler made his own portrait with a pencil


   23. Hitler's book My Struggle was put up for auction and the buyer was a Russian citizen, not his own. He said on the phone that he had bought the book for 21,000 pounds.


 24. Adolf Hitler presented the book (Hitler's Manifesto, signed by Hitler himself, which sold for 21,000 pounds at an auction) as a gift to a fellow prisoner.


 25. According to historians, Hitler was a man of great intelligence, a man of cruelty and a man of charismatic character. Yes, the words were a toy for Hitler and the style was so interesting that the audience was trapped.

 26. Hitler's favorite newspaper was The People's Observer.