The Tanzanian president's news raised questions about the COVID-19 testing service

2020-05-08 23:05:30 Written by Google

Is the corona virus really so widespread or is it a lie?

 News of Tanzania's president went viral around the world.

 The news went viral on social media a few days ago. Tanzanian President John Mugufuli sent blood tests of various animals and birds to the laboratory, which turned out to be positive, after which strict action was taken against the laboratory.

 A total of about 500 cases and 16 deaths have been reported in Tanzania so far, while the number of patients worldwide has crossed the million mark.

 The news has not yet been confirmed by the Tanzanian president, but Tanzanians have said on social media that they will no longer be tested for the corona virus after questions were asked about the testing service.

 This news has raised many questions. Is Corona really causing so many deaths or causing fear around the world?

 Also what is the ultimate goal of showing so many corona patients?

 Has the Tanzanian president really done this or is it a lie?

 Only time will tell