Reality Behind Darwin's Theory

2020-05-10 10:38:29 Written by Maryam SK

Scientists who wrote on natural selection even before Darwin.

 Many scientists came before and after Darwin, one of whom was Darwin's grandfather.

  The other was Lamark, who worked with Darwin's grandfather.

  Stanford III and then,

 Alfred Russel, William Charlis and Petric

 Etc. There are many more, but only two will be mentioned here.


 Lemarck, from the time of Darwin's grandfather, wrote in Natural Selection. What are Lemarck's accomplishments now? Let me tell you

 Lamarck was a soldier who fought in the war of his time and won the Brave Soldier Award. But when he was injured, he retired from the army. That's how he read about medicine. He started thinking about natural. And then one day he wrote theories, formulas on natural selection, which he parceled out to Darwin's grandfather. Because Darwin's grandfather was also writing on natural selection in those days. And Darwin was accused of stealing some of his grandfather's theories. So he also appreciated Lemarck's work and took a lot of work from Lemarck.

 Lamarck is a good biologist and is considered one of the greatest philosophers of his time. He gave many ideas on natural laws and also worked on evolution. Darwin's grandfather is also said to have adopted many of Lemarck's principles, including Darwin's own name.

 Now let's turn to another scientist. Now this scientist is a Muslim and I was very happy to know that

 Well ... Hardly any English scientist has mentioned it. But Darwin and his writings prove that Darwin also copied his words. So let me name this scientist. His name is "Jahiz". His full name is Abu Usman Amr Bahral Kanan al-Basri.

 Surprisingly, Darwin did the same thing in natural selection that he wrote in the eighth century in "The Book of the Beast".

 ۔ Now i'm here

 Stanford, Thomas Henry, George Cuvier and Joseph Dalton


 But I took Jahiz's name because he wrote on natural selection thousands of years before Darwin. And most importantly, there were similarities between him and Darwin.

 In his time, Jahiz wrote "more than two hundred books which were his own example. Many English scientists made their name by stealing the words and writings of great writers like Jahiz." "(Which was also very popular at that time) It was about the survival and struggle of living things.

 And there are over two hundred boxes, including Al-Bakhla. Jahiz also died due to the books. He was removing a books from a heavy shelf when it hit his head and he died at the age of 90.