Some modern weapons of This Century

2020-05-11 12:24:18 Written by Google

Some modern weapons of this century

 It has always been human nature to invent something bigger and better than before, so that whatever new thing he builds is much faster or more powerful than the first thing he built - even in the world of armies, in the form of modern weapons. This natural desire can be seen in full - weapons of war are one of the most important part of the military world and the more modern and powerful they are, the more the enemy comes under pressure - almost everyone has talked about atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs. Must have heard But other than that, many dangerous weapons have come into existence. Today we are going to tell our interesting information page friends about some of the most dangerous weapons of the 21st century that very few people know about.


 Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs


 It is the largest bomb in the United States, measuring 20 feet long and weighing 30,000 pounds. The bomb is capable of destroying 200 feet of underground bunkers. The United States conducted its first successful test in 2007.


 The Chinese anti-satellite program


 The Chinese Air Force has an anti-aircraft system capable of hitting any aircraft or missile in the air - China first unveiled the system during the Air Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in November 2014. Introduced to the world - In 2007, China tested a weapon to shoot down a satellite at an altitude of 500 miles.


 The X-47B


 It is a US Navy aircraft that flies unmanned aerial vehicles and carries out its unique services. It fuels other aircraft in the air. It can also carry heavy weapons.


 Reaper drones


 Also known as the M19, the drone was first unveiled in 2001. It is capable of flying at an altitude of 52,000 feet. It can fly continuously for 36 hours. It carries a bomb weighing up to 500 pounds.


 The V-22 Osprey


 It is a fighter jet that is part of the US Marine Corps and can fly like a helicopter - the aircraft was introduced in 2007 and its unique feature allows it to be used in landing areas. Extremely limited space.


 Seaborne Tomahawk Missiles


 The feature of these missiles is that they can target any object moving in the sea - in addition, these missiles have the ability to change their direction during the flight - the range of this missile is one thousand nautical miles. 


 THAAD missiles


 It is the world's most advanced missile system that destroys its enemy missiles in mid-air. This system deactivates missiles with the help of Kinetic technology.


 The YAL Airborne Laser Testbed


 The U.S. aircraft can intercept ballistic missiles by launching a laser and was successfully tested in 2010 - the laser is fired from a device on the nose of the aircraft - however. This project has been stopped due to cost.


 Heat rays


 It is a weapon that does not kill anyone but achieves its purpose. In fact, the vehicle is used to hit the target with hot water, which hurts the person so much that he moves away from the front. It is used to disperse protesters - a weapon developed by the United States and China. American weapons can hit up to 1,000 feet, while Chinese weapons can hit targets up to 262 feet.